A few tricks to successfully replace a diet

A full day at the office is able to wear down anyone. Not surprisingly, the tired body and then require bonuses for harm - fatty foods, peanut chocolate bars and other junk food. Only people with initially high willpower able to adhere to these conditions, the set menu diet rules.

Most breaks of one to two weeks, and all efforts are wasted. Solve the problem is very simple: bring the workplace a small vase and fill it every morning fruit. You will be physically easier to reach out for an apple than to take a walk to the nearest store. So cunning organism deceive myself - and, in his own favor.

This simple trick is also based on "embedded" in the human laziness. We decided not to eat after 8 pm? In this case, nothing prevents you to make all the necessary hygiene: brushing teeth, floss and rinse. Try to do so at least a couple of times - for most people re brushing your teeth will be a decisive argument against the next evening sandwich.

Abandon harmful beverages will not be easy. For whatever reasons, the vast majority of people do not see the extra calories in sugary soda. In fact, it - liquid! Do not fall into this trap. Proceed to clean water, and (here drums anxiously beat eleven times in a row) tie with alcohol. Bottles of beer a week is enough to send to hell almost any diet. It's not worth it.

Food on a plate - almost like a gun hanging on the wall in the play. Sooner or later, your paths will cross. What could be easier than to seize passing a piece or two of tasty dishes. Stop arrange tests themselves. Get inflexible rule: expanding the food on the plates, pack the leftovers in a vacuum container and store in the fridge away. Out of sight, out of mind.

At the beginning of the last decade Massachusetstkogo University sociologists suddenly interested in a sharp increase in the number of students complaining of excess weight. Careful monitoring of the selected focus group research led to an unexpected result. It turned out that the student dining room has a new set of dishes. With larger plates. Students just subconsciously determined the required amount of food, based on the volume of packaging. Shire dish - and the man automatically puts itself an extra portion. Fortunately, the process works in both directions. Take it on board: replace all the old plates smaller dishes. A week later, you do not have to even think about that, not too abundant lunch.