TOP 6 products successfully suppress appetite

Certain foods produce hormones in the stomach for a long time that we retain a sense of satiety. Nutritionists call from Spain 6 similar products.

Apples. They are rich in soluble fiber. Researchers have established some time ago that women who use all three apples a day, lose weight much greater than those of the same age who do not eat apples. In this case we are not talking about some specific diets.

Beans. Favorite meal of vegetarian successfully suppresses appetite. There are many fibers, it also has a low glycemic index, which keeps under control the level of sugar and cravings for carbohydrates.

Eggs. Eating saturated egg proteins suppresses the appetite by reducing the level of hunger hormone ghrelin. It is because of him and we feel hungry spasms. Researchers have recently found out that they consume eggs for breakfast all day for people to consume 438 fewer calories than those who do not eat eggs.

Beet. Some of the low-calorie and healthy foods. It contains many fibers for retention in control of appetite and normal operation of the digestive system.

Mushrooms. No matter what kind of mushrooms you prefer, almost all of them are low in calories. But in their high potassium content and essential minerals including selenium and niacin. And they disperse metabolism and provide a feeling of satiety.

Cabbage. If you want to not only lose weight but also improve your health, it is better not to find anything cabbage. It is rich in phytonutrients and fiber, for health and healing to the waist.