How to quit smoking: 3 easy ways to cope with the syndrome of cancellation

One of the main problems faced by people who want to quit smoking - an attempt to spend the morning without a cigarette.

Our bodies, and especially our brain, so accustomed to the constant consumption of nicotine that, faced with a deficit of this toxin, respond to a number of symptoms, which are also known as withdrawal.

Of course, when talking about how to quit smoking, not all fit the same strategy. That's why you need to find a way that is right for you and satisfy you in all respects.

It is also useful to know a few simple secrets to help cope with the most difficult time for everyone who is trying to quit smoking: the first morning hours.

It is widely known that there are certain hours and times when a person suffering from this bad habit, especially want to smoke: immediately after waking up at public events, after the meal, a cup of coffee in between work.

As a rule, the most difficult thing given the rejection of the first morning cigarette. Here's why:

After a whole night of sleep and relaxation in blood nicotine level drops. When we wake up, the brain is particularly sharply feels the deficit and encourages the intake of the drug to which it has become accustomed.

Neurons need this element, although it is harmful. They do not want to lose a stimulant that helps them cope with the daily routine.

In the absence of nicotine in the body begins a series of metabolic and physical changes that help compensate for the lack of it and, moreover, we again urge to smoke a cigarette.

Most often, the person lights a single or a couple of cigarettes before breakfast, immediately after waking up. This is very bad for your health.

Once we set a goal to quit smoking, we must be prepared for the fact that the worst moment in store for us in the first three days. All this time, the brain will be hard to "demand" from us "situation" he nicotine dose.

The first barrier that we have to overcome - this morning withdrawal symptoms.

Here we will tell you about the three different tools that will help to cope with it.

Means ?1: medical lemonade

This natural beverage rich in antioxidants and is able to put out of our body toxins, nourishes our body with vitamin C and helps to quit smoking without suffering.

You will need: 1 lemon, 1 orange, 1 carrot, 1 teaspoon ground ginger (5 g), 1 teaspoon of ginseng (5 g), 15 vinogradinok, 1 liter of water, 3 ice cubes.


Nice and strong taste is achieved by a lemon and ginger, which make this lemonade excellent remedy for withdrawal. Do not forget to choose the best ingredients of organic origin.

To start squeeze the juice of a lemon and of orange. Remove the lemon zest. Wash the carrots, cut it into slices and chop in a blender.

Mix the juice of lemon and orange, carrot pulp, ground ginseng, ginger and grapes until uniform. Add this mixture to a liter of water, lemon peel and a few ice cubes.

Drink the lemonade immediately after waking up.

Tool ?2: to clear the lungs

You will need: 1 onion, & frac12; liters of water, 1 teaspoon turmeric (5 g), 1 piece of ginger root (5 g), 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g).


Bring to the boil half a liter of water. Once bubbles appear on the surface, cut into four parts and add purified follicle it. Add ginger, ground turmeric and two tablespoons of honey.

Cook the mixture over medium heat for 35-40 minutes. You should now have a thick syrup.

Remove the mixture from the heat and leave it for another half an hour, then strain it and take two tablespoons each morning.

Means ?3: infusion of liquorice

You will need: 1 tablespoon of licorice root (10 g), 1 cup of water (200 mL), 1 tablespoon honey (25 g).


Licorice root has anti-bacterial, emollient, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, so it is perfect to help you cope with withdrawal syndrome.

Bring to a boil a cup of water and leave it in licorice root for 20 minutes.
Let stand and sweeten with honey.

This is a very efficient and pleasant to the taste of a tool that will help you quit smoking.