Psychologists call this love 10 signs

Are you really in love with the person or just having a strong liking to him? Psychologists from England named 10 accurate signs of this love.

1. Next to it you become a child who really wants to open his Christmas gift. Your heart and subconscious mind knows that you need long before you get into it consciously.

2. Whenever you think about it, you smile. Its presence provides a release of adrenaline into the blood.

3. You have butterflies in my stomach. Love can be very noticeable impact on the stomach.

4. Do you think that you are already familiar with a very, very long time. You internally dreamed of such a person for many years, and when I met him, the subconscious mind to create the effect of deja vu.

5. No one can distract you from it. The system priority is clearly the man in the first place.

6. You really respect what is important to each other. Either you have common values, or with great respect perceive the opposite.

7. Do you feel safe. When you're in love, it finds itself, and this has a positive effect on peace and security sense.

8. Have you always do what is the happiness of your partner. When you fall in love, you want to constantly delight a loved one, even doing those things that are not particularly want to do.

9. When you are in love, you want to give. It is programmed so that you will find this property of his nature, when in love.

10. You make plans for the future. In the state of love to dream about the future is much more pleasant. For example, planning a wedding or the birth of children.