5 Mistakes to metabolism that prevent lose weight

You restrict to a minimum the number of calories in the diet and still can not lose weight? Perhaps the reason for diet failure is the 5 errors related to the metabolism of which depends on the speed of cooking and burning in the body.

You are trying to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Even if you practice the most intense mode of training, burn fat and at the same time raise the muscle is almost impossible. Do professional athletes bodybuilders, there are two phases - weight gain and reset, when from under the layer of fat to fashion beautiful, body relief. We need to focus on one thing.

Calories are your primary concern. In itself, the number of calories should not be the only reason for the refusal of those or other products. It is necessary to bear in mind a balanced diet, and do not deal exclusively with mathematics.

You miss meals. You can not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially morning meal. Because of this, the metabolic rate slows down, the body goes into a half-starved mode and starts to lay in store any calories. A reserve, then under your skin! Also, skipping meals increases the feeling of hunger and the risk of overeating.

You hand over blood tests only on the balance of metabolism of hormones. Blood tests are needed not only for the diagnosis of disease, factors such as hunger and energy expenditure may be indicative of a metabolic hormonal activity.

Do you think that your metabolism and the metabolism of human obesity work equally. Do victims of obesity observed hormonal imbalance, because of which it is difficult to stop gang up on food. Your metabolism works a little differently. So clearly define what you should eat, and how much time to devote loads.