Scientists have identified five major features

Many people live without knowing that the cancer. It does not always work to identify the early stages due to the expensive diagnostic or other reasons. Because scientists have identified five of the most basic features of cancer.

The first sign of researchers named a permanent weakness. It occurs due to regular exposure of the tumor on the body of toxins. Later, like sickness causes nausea and dizziness.

The second sign - wanton fever. This is due to inflammation and adverse effects of cancer cells on the immune system that is unable to combat viruses.

The third feature is that the person suddenly and inexplicably starts to lose weight. Within a few months person can significantly lose weight. This feature scientists call the most important in oncology.

The fourth symptom is also pronounced. It is associated with worsening of skin and hair. The tumor affects the metabolic processes in the body, which disrupts the regeneration of skin covers the body and head. Because people with cancer hair starts to fall.

Fifth sign - pain. Some people may not notice that they are often something hurts. Chronic pain may be the cause of many illnesses, including cancer. Because a man, in any case need to go to the hospital.