Brain scans detect

American researchers from Yale University managed to define human intelligence using brain scans. Despite the controversial nature of this finding, the authors of the method believe that approached the transference of consciousness of people in the electronic form.

The definition of intelligence by means of scanning sounds fantastic. Because the human brain is its appearance can indicate knowledge specific information about an individual to get out of it as possible. In particular, the ability to abstract thinking, that is, the ability to make decisions, to determine the relationship and perceive patterns.

Identified intelligence people in the framework of the program "Human Connect": it includes a complete scan of the brain neurons, which, scientists believe, will allow to transfer the consciousness to a different location - for example, to a computer. The study involved 126 participants. They performed a variety of tests to determine the mental abilities of the brain, and then - performed brain MRI every person. As a result of the experiment was able to determine the relationship between the main body of the 268 regions of the nervous system.

CONNECT (aka neurons scheme) person was unique. Although it sounds strange, but in the future can be created on the basis of biometric passports is "map" of the brain - it is unique to 99%. The scientists were able to determine with the help of MRI data relation of man to something - in fact, if he thought about the situation or not.

The feature of this analysis is that it allows you to find the changes in mental development. For example, at an early stage to determine the problem with children using MRI brain diagnose in the early stages of Down's syndrome. Also, scanning can be used when applying for a job, choosing a profession in the future, the propensity to addiction. At the same time, in the propagation of this system may be a number of problems - for example, failures in banking operations in case the person is not suitable for the intellect, with employers and other problems. In general, the spread of this technology - a good trend, but not all people will use the method correctly and honestly.

Now scientists are planning to finish the brain research and get information about other features of individuals.