Accuracy - the politeness of kings. Most test strips for blood glucose meters

Diabetes is increasingly common in people every year. Endocrine disorders easier to identify due to the development of medical diagnostics. Accurate diagnosis has helped extend the lives of diabetics type 1. People with blood glucose instrument used to calculate the level of glucose in the blood. Such a device called a glucometer.

Washer, there are several kinds:

? Photometric;

? Optical biosensors;

? Electrochemical;

? Raman.

For example, the One Touch blood glucose meters belong to the latest generation of electrochemical devices.

Patients with type 1 diabetes-tion measurements to make insulin intake because medication dose depends on the glucose concentration. Diabetics Type 2 it is desirable to measure the glucose level every few days. This allows you to control the disease and in case of deterioration of indicators seek medical advice immediately.

The operating principle of the meter

Most often, the device consists of:

? Electronic unit with display;

? Lancets;

? Lancing device;

? Test strips and the case for storage.

Scarifiers do puncture. When a drop of blood is necessary to make a test strip for the identification of glucose. Keep in mind that with prolonged contact with the external environment, they lose their hypersensitivity. For example, Van Tach test strips are stored in a special case.

What is the meter

In identifying the disease at an early stage can avoid complications and to minimize harm to the body.

By the manifestations of diabetes include:

? Increased urination - is due to falling glucose in a healthy person, glucose in the urine is absent;

? Indomitable thirst - copious urination leads to a lack of moisture in the body and the constant need to restore the water balance;

? Regular hunger - gluttony and excessive appetite causes a metabolic disorder, cells are not able to consume glucose without insulin, so even with good nutrition the patient is hungry;

? Weight loss - weight loss occurs despite good appetite and regular meal, there is a result of the elimination of glucose from energy metabolism - accelerates the metabolic breakdown of proteins, fats;

? Itching;

? Feeling of dryness in the mouth;

? Fatigue, malaise;

? headache;

? Blurred vision;

? Acetone in urine.

How to handle

Ultra-sensitive device requires special handling. Surely you are wondering how to store test strips for blood glucose meter One Touch Select, to get the most correct analysis? Test strips are kept in a dry place, protected from UV rays. Store at temperatures below 30 degrees. It is forbidden to keep in the refrigerator or next to a heat source. Do not be reused. Special case protects the strip from external influences. It is not necessary to transfer them to other packaging.

Case opened immediately prior to use. After removal of the strip, as soon as possible, close the vial cap. If you find that the case is damaged - the measurement of glucose can give erroneous results. After opening, record the date of this day. The strips would be suitable for use for only three months.

Please note that the date on the box and use the recommended shelf life. The use test strips after the date readings can lead to incorrect readings. The edge of the strip, which has a white color, it is important to be protected from all kinds of pollution, bending, mechanical impact. If your hands are clean - you can safely take it for any part. During the diagnostic meter to be the same temperature as the strip.

Subject to the rules of the treatment you receive accurate and rapid analysis.