Bodrov morning: 10 simple exercises

Oh, the ringing alarm clock Turn on "autopilot" fast charges, shower, breakfast and run to work! And all this in half asleep, almost without opening his eyes.

It is time to put an end to this morning! You can recharge the morning will help you exercises that can be performed directly in the bed.

Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier

Let's start with the "victims", which you should go for a nice morning's well-being. Set the alarm for 10-15 minutes earlier than usual wake-up time. That's how much time you will be quite enough for morning exercises in bed.

We sip

In the supine position start stretch, twisting in different directions, like a cat. You Sipping warm up the muscles of your body, and start the production of happiness hormones - endorphins.

Deep breath with a smile.

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat this process 3 times, and with a smile. After a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then - slowly exhale. With the help of breathing exercises you saturate his blood with oxygen, allowing the body to wake up faster.

Actively blink

For early awakening need to blink 50-70 times in a comfortable place for you. So you moisten the eyes, and they will not be "heavy" from morning drowsiness.

Three bridge

This is a good trick, which came to us from Chinese medicine subsoil. Active rubbing the nose activates blood circulation in the cervical region.

Kneads brush.

It is time to develop the muscles of the arms. Squeeze the palm of your hand into a fist, and then unclench. Repeat this simple exercise 5-7 times, until you feel a slight warmth in his hands, indicating the accelerating circulation.

Strain muscles

Stretch evenly, place the hands along the body. In this position the head and heels need to rest against the mattress. And now turns tense and relax your entire body starting from the feet and moving upwards: the foot, calf muscles, thighs, abdomen, chest muscles, shoulders and forearms. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times.

Exercise for the hands and feet

Lying on your back, tighten the knees bent to his chest and tried to hug their hands. Then, overcoming the resistance of the hands, you need to straighten your legs. Then straighten your whole body, take a deep breath and exhale slowly nose mouth. Exercise should be repeated 3-5 times.

Exercise for neck.

Take sitting position (in bed), back straight. We make circular movements of the head in this position: 5 times in one direction and 5 times - to another.

Water procedure.

After a bed of gymnastics is the time to take a shower. No, you do not need to take up the dousing with cold water, and even contrasting procedures. Simple warm shower would be sufficient.