How to protect yourself from the flu if someone got sick from households

Each person has their own individual immune system because the body of one person can easily cope with a specific virus, but pass it on to a friend, provoking serious disease.

At home, to protect against influenza is critical, timely and constant prevention. Firstly, it is airing rooms and all the facilities, and secondly, wet cleaning and cleaning of commonly used surfaces.

"Do not let the flu in your home is not too difficult - the viruses are killed at 30-minute ventilation and kill detergents. That is why it is important to at least three times a day to ventilate accommodation (if you are all day at work, it is enough to do it in the morning and in the evening, shortly before bedtime) and wet cleaning, "- says the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Most viruses are entered into the house and its inhabitants from the streets, public places and transport. It is important to understand that if a child or spouse (and) there is no obvious symptoms of infection, it does not mean that they can not transmit the disease to other households. Because during the epidemic, doctors recommend to all family members eat and drink only from their dishes.

"Divide the plates and cups will be easy - certainly every household has their own favorite dishes. Because simply agree among themselves and do not break this rule. Such a simple measure several times to reduce the risk of disease. If you often in crowded places - to dig the nose periodically with a solution of sea salt - circulation of mucus in the nasal cavity will increase the body's ability to resist infection. And do not forget each time to lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment, when you enter the street "- like a doctor.

In addition, experts recommend pay attention to daily hygiene - both personal and monitor the cleanliness of surfaces and objects, which you constantly touch.

According to doctors, in the high-risk zone are pregnant women, young children, especially attend kindergarten and primary classes, people with chronic illnesses, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, as well as senior citizens.

"In the period of the epidemic it is better not to unnecessarily in public places - watch movies on your computer, not in a movie theater, a smaller travel on public transport without having to not eat in restaurants, and especially not to eat street food. Of course, even in the period of the epidemic we have to somehow get to work, but try at least once again not to touch the face with his hands. It got to the mucous membranes of the eyes or nose viruses rapidly enter the body, and on the surface of the handrail, for example, bacteria are stored for at least 15-20 minutes. Without fail several times a day, wash your hands, face, especially after the return of the street or while in public places, including in the office. After a trip in transport is not superfluous to wash your nose with salt water, rinse the throat and chamomile extract, "- says the doctor.

It is worth remembering that technology - mobile phones, tablets, computers, and especially the keyboard, settles a lot of dust, and with it - the bacteria and harmful viruses.

Make it a rule to wipe every day gadgets disinfectant wipes. Do not forget to also take care of the lenses of glasses - they always attract a huge amount of bacteria.

"How cold would not have been on the street, every one and a half to two hours, ventilate the office space, especially if it employs a lot of people. House, if the room has one or two people, you can ventilate 2-3 times, one of which - certainly not long before bedtime. And as often as possible with a wet cleaning - such simple measures at times reduce the risk of getting the flu, "- summarizes the expert.