7 habits in bed, which badly affect

Time, which partners are in bed before sleep - the most important thing of the day. However, couples often make the same mistakes that can cost them their marriage.

1. It turns in bed at different time.

One of the best moments in family life: to get close to each other in peace and quiet, when the cozy light lamp on the bedside table when you do not have to rush anywhere, because you're here, you're at home, and close to you - your lover, - why many refuse from it all?

2. Do not take into account the work schedule each other.

Perhaps you have already formed bachelor habit - read a couple of pages, when I can not sleep, or watch a show on TV, chat with a friend on Skype. Your office at twelve, he was at a meeting at nine. Or do you have an exam tomorrow, and he, on the contrary, passed the project. And then there are surgeons, teachers One of the family well-being of the formulas: the light in the bedroom off the one who gets up before. Any compromise on sleep is invaluable and pays for years of healthy life.

3. Do not talk to each other

After a long day, the road home, cares and troubles who will accuse you that you have only one dream - to jump on the bed, close your eyes and declare that the night has already come? But still try to carve out a little piece of colorful fabric of the day and for your husband (wife). Who else to tell about all the joys /sorrows each day? There is nothing to discuss and give advice, just share emotions.

4. Give priority to anyone who calls you and writes evenings.

Make myself a favor and spend with honors Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in the corridor. Until tomorrow. If both of you are sleeping with smartphones, it's bad for two reasons: firstly, the blue screen insulates you emotionally from each other, and secondly, the blue colors of the spectrum characteristic of the morning rays, and your body responds to it increased vigor. This means that you do not sleep enough today, and eventually the lack of sleep will result in irritability and intolerance in relation to each other.

5. Manicure and pedicure

The habit to cut nails in the bedroom "The very sound of clippers, suddenly and softly came the bedroom, it seems to many a torture" - says family therapist Becky Whetstone (Becky Whetstone) of Little Rock in Arkansas. This conclusion is made, repeatedly listening to complaints from their patients exactly this habit.

6. Coming up with different ways to avoid proximity

It begins with the fact that you are the best of intentions let his wife sleep calmly until you finish the chores and then on tiptoe sneaks into bed. The first suggestion that comes into his head - is that you do not want sex. It can be and is? You quietly become a good roommates and avoid sex?

7. swear and talk about unpleasant

As George Bernard Shaw said, marriage - a union between a man who can not sleep with the window closed, and a woman who can not sleep in the open. In the words of Arthur Bloch, who snore, sleep first. Whatever it was, you need to make comments so as not to offend the other and work together to find a way out.