Scientists: grasping movements improve memorization

Unusual discovery of German scientists can be used in stroke rehabilitation.

Employees CITEC Institute at Bielefeld (Germany), the University experienced in practice the theory that the human memory stores a part of the concepts in association with bodily sensations. The research group of Professor Thomas Shaq called "Neyropoznanie and movement - biomechanics" managed on a small number of subjects to confirm that tactile impact speeds memorizing words.

28 subjects went through the same experiment. They were seated in front of screen with three cubes of different sizes on hand - one about an apple, the second - with a tennis ball, the third - the dice. On the screen at the same time there were three adjacent white fields. Then, in one of the fields there were words - fictional or real. If the word was invented, the subjects did not have to do anything. If the word was true, should be taken in hand cube. EEG helmet shot while reading brain activity.

According to previous studies it was known that for the treatment of brain essential concepts third of a second. However, if necessary touch to the cube of understanding already happened in one tenth of a second. According to the results of this experiment showed that the brain has a general program for language and movement, as well as that of the brain processing steps very quickly change and adapt to the current problems.

The study authors suggest that the results can be used in the future in the treatment of, for example, aphasia - speech disorders after stroke.