8 products, because of which you sleepy

Some products are energized for the whole day, and the other - on the contrary. And it's not just foods high in sugar, but at first glance, wholesome vegetables, fruits, say nutritionists.

8 products, because of which you sleepy


This berry - a natural source of melatonin, which helps regulate sleep, so it will come in handy before you go to bed, and not at the beginning of the working day.


It contains useful for the organism the green pigment chlorophyll, but also magnesium, which acts on the body soothingly and relieves stress, so it may cause drowsiness.

Brown rice

It soothes the nervous system, gives a feeling of fullness, so after eating it, you may feel exhausted by.


It contains tryptophan, an amino acid, promotes relaxation, so makes it possible to quickly fall asleep. Even if you are very fond of cheese, know the measure - eat it in small portions.

Pumpkin seeds

It is an excellent source of magnesium. But, as you know, magnesium helps to relieve stress and relax.

Red meat

Since it contains a high percentage of fat, your body spends a considerable amount of energy to their split. And tired.


Like cheese, sesame seeds rich in tryptophan, which can cause drowsiness. It also contains large amounts of carbohydrates, which are in no hurry to instill in you energy.


Rich in potassium and magnesium. If you want to keep fit and not to suffer from lethargy, it is better to confine one fruit during the day.