It turned out why women are more likely to suffer from arthritis

Scientists from the University of Michigan, might have been able to answer the question of why women face much more likely than men with arthritis. They identified "master switch" in the form of a gene that causes the immune system to attack itself.

80% of the cases of autoimmune diseases affect women and scientists have always been curious to know what it is connected. Now US researchers have discovered a "master switch" that turned out to be a treacherous gene called VGLL3. As reported in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Immunology, it is this gene and should be blamed for this disease imbalances, and not the effect of female sex hormones, as it has always been assumed.

Scientists have observed the expression of genes in the skin of healthy volunteers, including 31 women and 51 men. 661 gene, as a whole, he behaved differently depending on gender. Many of them had a specific immune functions, and the special role played exactly VGLL3. This previously unknown to science the biological pathway may be the culprit inflammatory autoimmune reaction that causes arthritis.

Autoimmune diseases have different shapes - strips of psoriasis on the skin to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis joints. However, women are much more often they hit, and often it takes years to get a correct diagnosis. Previously, scientists have linked this feature with the influence of sex hormones, but it turned out that VGLL3 not exposed to the hormonal regulation of estrogen or testosterone. So, it is this gene and is a weak link in the female body.