Named the Top 5 mistakes in the treatment of chickenpox

We all know that chicken pox - a highly contagious disease where better to stay at home. But there are other important things related to the treatment and prevention of this disease, which reminded the Italian doctors.

Avoid cold foods. Chickenpox produces heat in the body, and many feel that out of the fridge the products help to reduce the temperature. However, thus you risk to catch pneumonia if the infection spreads to the lungs. So do not get carried away with cold food.

Do not forget about water. Chickenpox causes a loss of appetite and fever, and do not want to drink water in this state. But it is very important to maintain a sufficient degree of hydration and increase the amount of fluids you drink to help the body fight infection and reduce the temperature.

Do not forget about hygiene. Your whole body is covered with water bubbles and it is important to maintain a perfect hygiene. Otherwise blisters begin to burst, and fluid from them stand out, which increases the risk of bacterial infection.

Do not change clothes. chickenpox virus can be spread through close contact, exchange of body fluids, as well as clothing, linens and towels. That is why it is important to observe all safety precautions here.

Do not self-medicate. Never attempt to treat chickenpox by using the Internet and friends advice. Aspirin to combat the symptoms of chickenpox may worsen your condition and cause side effects. Strictly follow the treatment algorithm developed by a doctor.