Effective remedy against intestinal spasms: 5 recipes

Experts told how to cook at home folk remedies, relieves intestinal cramps.

All the stuff listed recipes are easy to prepare, are completely safe and very effective. Furthermore, because all the means consist of natural ingredients and can be used on a regular basis.

The recipe first.

To prepare the first remedy against intestinal spasms need to pour a glass of hot purified water or melt a teaspoon carefully shredded peppermint, and then leave the container with the mixture, covered with a lid, in a warm place for fifteen minutes.

Application: ready, strained through cheesecloth drink consumed twice a day after eating.

Recipe second.

It is necessary to pour a glass - two boiling water two - three large (canteens) toadflax spoon. Now leave the mixture in a warm place (or simply wrap the container with the infusion of a warm towel) on the twenty - thirty minutes.

Application: use a ready means of five tablespoons three times - four times a day.

Recipe for a third.

It is also home to combat intestinal spasms perfectly helps a folk remedy: Mix twenty grams of horsetail and yarrow herbs, then add to the mixture of ten grams of crushed wormwood and fill collect two cups of boiling water (use only purified or melt water for cooking).

Now let the infusion stand for two hours in a preheated oven off and eat it in half a glass three times - four times a day, a bit of sugar with any usual food you (for example, a sandwich or salad).

Recipe for a fourth.

In addition, quick to get rid of intestinal spasms helps tincture of fennel. To make this folk remedy to pour a tablespoon of dried dill seeds cup of boiling water (you can also use and dill), then let the mixture stand for about fifteen minutes. Take tincture with cramps on a half glass.

Recipe fifth.

Mix in a clean glass jar fifteen grams of plantain leaves ordinary, ten - fifteen grams of Salvia officinalis, five grams of peppermint, ten grams cottonweed and ten - fifteen grams of flowers St. John's wort. Now brew a teaspoon of the finished collection cup boiling water and cover it with a lid. After about twenty - thirty minutes a drink to relieve intestinal spasms ready. We accept three times a day for a third cup.