In winter, the mood will lift multicolored paint and bright lighting

Overcome seasonal fatigue, drowsiness and irritability can, filling the house and an office with bright colors and lighting.

Discouragement, unwillingness to work, drowsiness, apathy - such unpleasant reactions in the cold time of the year anyway faced each. Experts say the seasonal mood swings are more prone to women because of their emotionality. Aggravate this condition are defective sleep, poor diet, stress and prolonged lack of proper rest. Because you need to start to combat the blues is to eliminate these problems.

No less important condition in the fight for a good mood - surround yourself with positive emotions and interesting people to you. Even if it seems that the forces of everything there, do not sit on the couch, better make an appointment with friends, meet with a friend for a cup of coffee, go to the movies, and so on. Often apathy drives us is monotonous, it is necessary to escape from all the usual and ordinary, as the mood improved dramatically, and new strength and desire.

Try to make their homes or office as much as possible light. Of course, the evening included electricity throughout the apartment now no one wants, but as much as possible to illuminate the room where you are, especially if you climb to the head bad thoughts, you need to. Darkness on the streets or in the apartment cool in the morning, so when I want to sleep, but it's time to get ready for work, depressing. Since waking up, just turn on the lamp, floor lamp, chandelier - it will help to wake up quickly and adjust to the fact that a new day has begun.

Create a bright environment around them. In the truest sense of the word. Change the interior of the house, adding a more bright colors. Firstly, it will distract you from sad thoughts, and secondly, when all around you will "bloom", then the meaning will not be depressed. Very strong impact on our psychological state have yellow and orange - no wonder they are called "flowers of happiness."

In aromatherapy to relieve stress and uplift your mood usually use the orange flavors, lemon verbena or.