As in 2017 to protect health: Tips for signs of the zodiac

Astrologers have voiced predictions regarding the health and beauty for all zodiac signs.

Aries (2103 - 1904)

Since February, you will feel a surge of strength and energy. Stars recommend you abandon the heavy fried foods, as well as reduce the amount of meat is used. Eat more fruits and vegetable dishes.

Girls and women are not recommended in February and March to carry out deep cleansing facial or other "invasive" cosmetic procedures. The effect may be unexpected. In March, may appear long-forgotten diseases will fatigue and apathy - this alarm bells, it's time to do health. In April, must be treated carefully to the kidneys.

To be careful on the water and remember that alcohol and swimming during the summer holiday season - are incompatible.

Taurus (2004 - 2005)

everything will be alright in the health plan you have. The main thing - eat properly and follow the work and rest mode. Because there is a risk that you carry away a career or any circumstances in which will have to work for two. Try to find time for solitude and the pleasure of life.

In February, it is not recommended to overeat, consume heavy fatty foods, as well as a lot of alcohol. The last point is especially important, the consequences can be dire. The best thing you can do now for the mental and physical health, - to spend fasting days.

It is recommended to diagnose hormonal levels in the body. It is here that problems may arise. To prevent them, it is better to do advance the prevention and, if necessary, and correction.

Gemini (2105 - 2106)

In the new year, you need to take care of the liver and thighs and shoulders, clavicles, lungs and hands. Beware of viruses and colds. Engaged in the prevention of chronic diseases, preventing exacerbations.

In the winter months, be careful: there is a risk of injury.

In March, Venus is not favorable for radical measures to change the image and grooming. Undesirable plastic surgery. In April, with the wait a little trip to the dentist. Since May, all the "restrictions" are removed, you can experiment with your appearance.

In August, enjoy a strengthening of the immune system. In autumn take care of the nervous system.

Cancer (2206 - 2207)

For cancer this year actually care about the state of sexual organs (especially the women, who are preparing for motherhood). Listen to your body. In winter you need to pay attention to the liver and hip, as well as the knees and tendons. In February, be careful not to overload the mind and vision. In the summer months, take care of the lungs from infection. This is a great time for physical exercise, yoga and practices aimed at health promotion. At the time of the lunar eclipse, August 7 it's easier to give up bad habits - try it!

In November, especially take care of the genitourinary system - an important safety intimate, warm clothes, healthy food.

Leo (2307 - 2208)

Keep track of the musculoskeletal system, spine, teeth. Luck will trek to the orthopedist, welcome physiotherapy, massage courses. In May, can remind myself thyroid. If you have problems - immediately consult an endocrinologist.

Summer - is truly your time! You'll look cheerful and beautiful.

In September, watch the appendix and pancreas. This month, they can remind myself unpleasant symptoms - be engaged in prevention. In October, take care of the kidneys, adrenal glands and the lower back. Dress warmly!

Virgo (2308 - 2209)

Health issues do not involve any radical changes for the better or for the worse. So here you have complete freedom of choice and action. If you want to quit bad habits and begin to live a healthy lifestyle - you will succeed! The stars will be favorable to you.

Libra (2309 - 2210)

In the health area, the general trends are not serious threats and dangers. But beware of food and alcohol poisoning and do everything you can to reduce the risks incurred. In April, it is not recommended to be tested - a high risk of error. In the winter months, watch for the nervous system.

Scorpio (2310 - 2111)

In March and April, do not experiment in the field of beauty, so any transfer radical cosmetic procedures. But since May 5 all attempts to become more beautiful will bring excellent results.

In July, take care of the chest, heart, stomach, pancreas. In August, do not overeat, watch over the quality of products - the digestive process in the body is symbolically in charge of the Moon. In the days close to the lunar eclipse, will be worse to cope with stress. Any cosmetic procedures and surgery in August, it is better not to spend.

In September, beware of allergies. In October, look for the kidneys, adrenal glands, the lower back. Overall, the second half of the year is very positive and promises good health.

Sagittarius (2211 - 2112)

During the year, take care of the liver, the hip belt and the lower back - from viruses, injury drafts.

Because of the lunar eclipse on February 11 many Sagittarians will feel almost no matter the news last month: there may be emotional instability or breakdown. Eclipses bring to the surface all our psychological garbage, allowing to work with him and get rid of it. Take a note of this and be prepared to work on yourself!

Capricorn (2212 - 1901)

Let Me moderate exercise, go to yoga and do not complain to life! This year, you may have depression and mental instability, fatigue and weakness. Work on yourself. Tempered body and spirit! In April, as far as possible not to carry out medical diagnosis - likely erroneous results. In summer, it is important to monitor the respiratory system, move more. Do not forget about fasting days. Remember: the easier and more natural your diet, the less likely that you will have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and health in general.

Aquarius (2001 - 1802)

Not expected any threatening trends. Just take care of eyesight, nerves and myself. Pay attention to this year's intellectual and spiritual interests, and life certainly changed for the better. Year good for preventive measures.

Pisces (1902 - 2003)

In January and February are not excluded injury - Be careful. Since the spring will be able to significantly improve their health. In June, the motion is - is your panacea for all ills. Do not sit within four walls! In July, watch out for food and beware of food poisoning. In September, take care of the kidneys and liver. In general, throughout the year, your immune system is in good shape, but provided that you follow a healthy lifestyle.