Citrus fruits help to restore digestion

Contrary to popular belief, the citrus fruit are contraindicated in acidity, doctors say that their regular use is able to establish digestion and digestive tract.

More than half of Ukrainians to some extent suffer digestive disorders, or from time to time have problems with the stomach, doctors say. In most cases, the reason for that is the wrong food, irregular eating and bad habits, not the best way to work the gastrointestinal tract and affects the environment and the daily stresses.

"If the problems have become regular, and pain - frequent, should, without delay, consult a specialist. Any problem is easier to prevent or eliminate at an early stage, rather than later be treated with whole-course and get a number of prohibitions and evidence. But above all, we need to seriously reconsider their menu. Starting the day with the best cereals, which are not only permanently saturated, but also envelop the stomach wall. Very useful dairy products - they stimulate digestion and peristalsis. Very useful is the easiest cheese - it helps to overcome indigestion, improves intestinal function, contains enzymes and bacteria that promote digestion of food, "- said the doctor Viktoriya Savitskaya.

In addition, especially in the winter, experts advise as often as possible to include in your diet citrus.

Savitskaya refuted the myth that increase acidity and citrus violate the digestion processes: "The use of citrus fruits - grapefruits, oranges, lemons, tangerines - a positive effect on the gastrointestinal system. These fruits also help to flush out the digestive tract from harmful toxins, stimulate peristalsis, and even contribute to a better absorption of nutrients and vitamins. "

With regular problems with a chair doctor recommends the daily drinking tea with a spoon of grated ginger. You can also add freshly prepared pasta (grated or whipped) of ginger in traditional dishes. This root contains a huge amount of antioxidants and essential oils, which promotes the absorption and assimilation of mineral nutrients and improve digestion.