What diseases can cause winter sun

It should be protected from exposure to sunlight in the winter, not to treat serious diseases later. Experts told that in winter the sun is no less dangerous than in the summer, and its UV radiation can cause the development of a number of disorders in the body.

Doctors reported that winter threat to health is not only the sun's rays, but the radiation that is reflected from snow and ice. Their conclusions about the impact of the winter sun released electronic newspaper "The Age".

"The study shows that UV radiation in winter may be even more intense than in the summer," - noted with clinicians.

According to them, the harmful effects of sunlight in the winter exposed, especially the eyes. The scientists noted that the intense sunlight in the winter can trigger the occurrence of eye burns, deep corneal lesions, conjunctivitis.

Doctors recommend wear sunglasses in the winter months with polarized and UV protection. They specified that this time of year there is a risk of being subjected to "snow blindness" - a temporary loss of vision due to radiation from the snow. If you do not provide eye protection from the sun, in the future this may lead to diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, experts warned.

Recall, a number of studies have also confirmed the existence of a correlation between long-term exposure to UV radiation and the development of cancer.