What to do before the meal to be cheerful in the morning

Few people think about the consequences in advance that you can get the morning after hangover. Even the non-drinking man at least once in his life drunk heavily and suffers from all the hardships of alcohol poisoning. There are people who bring themselves to unusual hangover, but few of them, so the information on how to cope with a hangover and how to avoid it, in principle, be useful to all.

Doctors insist that the spirits were used in normalized numbers. Because excess alcohol often leads to serious health problems. If you know that you have every chance to go through with alcohol in the coming evening, then experts advise to use several effective methods to help avoid hangover:

1. Eat something greasy. Just an hour before you go to an event where the river will pour alcoholic drinks, it is advisable to eat dense, and the menu should consist of fatty foods. These may include: butter, milk, fried meat sandwich with red fish and so on. Fats will fill your stomach and alcohol will be more difficult to be absorbed into the blood, so you will not be intoxicated, and you will not have a hangover.

2. advance a drink. People who understand this issue, argue that a small number of high-quality cognac or vodka, taken one hour before drinking, able to neutralize the negative effects of alcohol on the body. But this method does not fit all, so with him you have to be cautious, as there is a chance even more drunk, causing inevitable hangover.

3. Drink activated carbon. This pharmaceutical preparation is a natural absorbent, which prevents poisoning by toxic substances contained in alcohol, and in other foods. Moreover, with the help of coal can even get rid of the signs of alcohol poisoning, because it removes from the body toxins. It turns out that a few pills coals before the party and the same number of them after taking alcoholic drinks as much as possible will allow you to reduce the harm of alcohol on your body, no matter how much you drink.

4. At the time to leave the event. Know when to stop and drink alcohol only quality - these are the best ways to anti-hangover.

5. Do not lower the degree. This method is known to all. Once the drinks are mixed, poisoning can not be avoided, as well as a hangover. So drink alcoholic beverages at first, then more than strong. Even better - to drink one kind of alcohol.