Christmas menu

Christmas - one of the most beloved and long-awaited holiday among Christians worldwide. For many it is associated with happiness, joy and good mood. At Christmas, we decided to gather with family, friends and relatives, to prepare delicious meals and enjoy a rich table. And every country has its own special traditional dishes, which are always served at the table on Christmas Eve.

In France, as a main dish at Christmas dinner served roast goose stuffed with chestnuts or baked in white wine. Also in the French Christmas pamper yourself delicacies: foie gras (foie gras), oysters (both fresh and salted or smoked), and for dessert cheese served.

Traditional English Christmas meal is considered pudding and stuffed turkey with vegetables and gooseberry sauce. Pudding (plum-pudding) made from bread crumbs, flour, bacon, raisins, eggs, and various spices. The most spectacular part of this recipe - the pudding before serving pour rum and ignite a blazing put on the table.

In the United States the traditional Christmas dish is also considered a stuffed turkey. Turkey than just not nashpigovyvayut: bread, cheese, prunes, garlic, beans, mushrooms, apples, cabbage. Also on a side dish to turkey served mashed potatoes, boiled corn and Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Cooked turkey is often served with cranberry sauce. Also, prepare a Christmas cocktail ego-feet (egg-nog). This is a sweet drink made on the basis of raw eggs and milk.

Under the influence of the West Japan also started to celebrate Christmas. However, Japanese festive table is very different from the traditional dishes of Europe and America. Thus, the holiday is complete without a cold snack "about-Sich-RIOR" - cold beans with rice, rice cakes, pickled and fresh vegetables. Also serves food, which, according to the Japanese, bring happiness: seaweed gives joy, roasted chestnuts - success in business, peas and beans - health, boiled fish - calmness, cheerfulness, herring roe - a happy family, a lot of children.

In Spain, a symbol of abundance and happy home has long been considered the vine. Not surprisingly, the Spaniards with chime at midnight eat twelve grapes - the number of hours of strikes - and guessing 12 desires. By tradition, the banquet tables in the country are full of meat dishes: roast lamb, turkey, suckling pig, smoked sausage and ham. At Christmas, serves soup of clams and other seafood. All this washed down with sherry. For dessert is served: almond soup, honey-walnut halva (nougat), milky rice pudding, etc. Eat cookies and special ritual

In Germany, the traditional Christmas Eve dish is fried carp or pickled herring, and served for Christmas roast goose with apples and pork with sauerkraut. Also be sure to serving dish, brightly decorated with apples, nuts, raisins, and cakes. It also has its own symbols: apple - the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, nuts with their hard shell and a delicious heart symbolize the mysteries and difficulties of life. In Germany, he says: "God has given nuts, and a person must split it."

Permanent dishes Christmas meal in Italy are grilled meats, antipasti, pasta and wine. A symbol of health, longevity, prosperity on the holiday table serve as in Spain and Germany, grapes and nuts. Meat dishes are paying attention, here prefer to cook pork leg (dzampogne) - it is boiled in a bag from the back skin of pork legs, keeping its shape, as well as pork sausage (COTECHINO), it is boiled for at least two hours and served hot.

In the Czech Republic, the protagonist of the New Year table - carp, baked in sour cream. But all the meals - certainly meat. And there is no substitute apple strudel.

In Hungary, on the holiday table is served goulash with paprika and lots of meat, stuffed cabbage, and carp soup and baked fish.

In Slovenia, for Christmas at the table is served a special Christmas bread baking that uses three types of flour: rye, wheat and buckwheat, as well as blood sausage and roast venison or pork.

In Serbia, for the Christmas table eat pig, sauerkraut and cabbage stew with smoked pork meat, Christmas cake, and all washed down with raki.

In Norway, the traditional fish dishes, as well as lamb or pork ribs, roast pork, mashed swede from, sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. In this holiday Norwegians drink spicy potato vodka, and a dessert served seven kinds of cookies or biscuits.

In Estonia, for Christmas pudding served with the addition of hot spices and pearl barley, boiled potatoes with sour cream, pickled and stewed cabbage, pumpkin salad and spiced biscuits, painted with colorful glaze.

In Finland, the main dish acts as Christmas ham, which is jammed with mustard and bread. A festive table Finns eat ham, chicken legs, fish, liver casserole with raisins, beet salad, baked potatoes, or turnips. The traditional drink for Christmas is considered to be mulled.

In Ukraine, for Christmas is traditionally served 12 dishes. In addition to the scullery on the table are always present uzvar (compote made from dried fruits and berries), kapustnyak, peas, fish, stuffed with rice, vegetable soup with mushrooms, buckwheat porridge, dumplings with cabbage, lean pancakes, mushroom pies. Svyatvecher begins with the first star. The meal passes without alcohol, and all meals are served slightly warmed to the hostess was constantly at the table, and not be distracted by cooking. It is believed that it is necessary to try every dish, but do not eat it completely - that the house was always plenty.