How to reduce the risk of injuries and fractures in winter

The ice is not only put on one's shoes and dress properly, but also to choose a place for the walking route, doctors say.

Footwear is better to choose a grooved sole and heel no higher than 3-4 cm. To outsole less sliding, can be pasted on the pieces of a medicated plaster or sandpaper. It is on sale and special anti-slip attachments for shoes - ice drifts. But not everyone dare to go out in this "outfit".

The clothes are freely selectable, which does not hinder movements. Hands while walking is better not to keep in their pockets, and hang the bag over his shoulder, not to carry arms. If you can not stay away from the curb and icy road sections, try to move in small steps, as if gliding. Knees are slightly better for the stability prisognut. Stay far away from the roadway, in the event of the fall does not slip under the car wheels.

Special attention - icy steps of shops and slippery surfaces on them. Not every store owner thinks about customer safety, pasting anti-slip patch or spreading mats. Therefore, when ascending or descending the stairs hold the handrails to steady himself, it is better to stand on each step with both feet rather than placing each foot on a separate step.

How to fall to avoid injury

What neat you would not be, sometimes it is impossible to avoid falls. It is therefore important to know what not to do in the fall. The biggest mistake - this fall forward, putting your hands. Fractures of the hand, according to statistics, up to 70% of winter injury. So remember a few rules of proper fall:

- If you feel that you fall, try to sit down. This will reduce the height of the fall. You can learn to squat houses, squats are also useful for the muscles thighs and buttocks;

- In the fall, try to stretch the muscles. They take over the entire stroke, but if the muscles are relaxed - then the whole force of the blow falls on the bone. Bruised muscles or soft tissues malopriyaten, but still not as serious as a fracture, especially outdoors or with bone displacement;

- Fall on his back and buttocks with all his strength just as dangerous as in outstretched arms. One of the severe winter injury - a fracture of the femoral neck in the fall on the buttocks. Especially hard recovering from hip fracture elderly. Therefore, in the fall it is important to regroup and try to fall on its side, taking the position of the embryo;

- If you feel that you fall on your back, try to draw her head deeper into his shoulders, pressed his chin to his chest, and elbows - closer to the body. You can close the head with his hands and feet to try prisognut knees.

You can learn to fall at home, having spread a mattress and turning these "lessons of the fall of" the game with their children. After all, kids are too often fall and get injured. Just be very careful and do not fall to the floor with all his strength: perform the exercises slowly and in stages. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury from the comfort of home.

First aid for injuries

If someone fell and got injured, it is first important to understand the serious injury or not. Bruising easily recognize each of the education swelling, pain and bruising (hematoma) at the site of injury. When you stretch or dislocation, in addition to the pain and hematoma may be limited movement. Do not try to straighten yourself dislocated joint or stretching massage place. If you suspect a tension can not rely on the injured limb, apply ointment or hot compress. It is necessary to cause "fast" and release the damaged area, removing shoes if necessary.

At the turn or suspected fracture as an urgent call emergency medical care. It is necessary to splint above and below the fracture to fix the damaged area. If it's very cold, you need to take the victim to a warm place, otherwise it will get hypothermia or frostbite while waiting for "fast". For serious injuries the victim can be transported on a sheet of cardboard or plywood. Remember that in case of injuries of the spine not to sit, shake, etc., and you need to put on a flat surface.

Tips trauma

From falling on slippery road no one is immune, but, owls professionals, everyone's strength to protect yourself from serious injury. To do this, you need to follow a number of rules, says trauma surgeon Valentine Brown.

The ice is important to go slowly, firmly stepping directly on the entire sole and slightly bent at the knees. This step reduces the risk of falling and injury.

If you feel that the fall can not be avoided, then at least in your power to make a "pirouette" less dangerous.

Rescuers, in turn, advised: if you feel that fall, sit down at once to reduce the height, and touching the ground and rolled over on his side, to reduce the load.

Walking along the street, do not wear headphones, do not talk on the phone - it is important to maintain the maximum concentration to capture the moment in which you can fall. Once you understand that you are losing balance, try to minimize the degree of potential injury. Immediately bend knees to the legs, chin to chest press.

Try to fall on its side, in order to reduce the pain from the blow and rolled onto his back.

Try to avoid falling on the elbow or hand straight - of course, this is not always possible, but also doctors, rescue services and experts say that in most cases we are able to prevent serious injury. Even more dangerous to fall back on, but if otherwise does not work - try as much as possible to squeeze his chin to his chest and shoulders and elbows in first.

"Many people are embarrassed to fall and feel uncomfortable, then linger a long time before you see a doctor, even if the pain becomes unbearable. It is important to remember that this can happen to anyone, the most dangerous thing in this situation - it's procrastination. Because at the first signs of traumatic injuries, pain in the bones, joints or muscles, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms of anxiety - to immediately go to the doctor ", - said Brown.

Traumatologists say that one of the most difficult, and, alas, frequent fractures in ice - ray-wrist. This is because the conception of inertia we fall on the palm of a hand outstretched. It heals this injury for a long time, and after it is often hand stops normally bend. Because falling, you need to try to keep from having to pull his hand, and if the fall on his back - hide elbows (a fracture not less dangerous and difficult). Try to fall on either side on the forearm, the maximum grouped and straining muscles.