15 ideas on how to decorate a table for Christmas

The new year has passed, but that does not end with the holidays. To replace him come Christmas - the most kind and joyful holiday, which has an important meaning for all believers.

If you are expecting guests for Christmas, it is necessary to consider not only the menu but also tableware. It should be festive, but not pretentious. A myriad of sequins and bright colors is relevant only for the New Year. Christmas table setting should be low-key, but it is elegant and refined.

Experts have compiled 15 ideas for serving the Christmas holiday table.

1. Neutral color.

For the Christmas table try to choose neutral colors. Bright and flashy colors are appropriate for the New Year. Christmas also carries a deeper meaning. When you select a basic color scheme of decoration is important to take this into account.

Prefer silver and gold, white, red, gray, blue or brown. Of course, a serving can be bright and elements, but should be small. Then it will be appropriate.

2. Tree

Very stylish and looks spectacular on the holiday table Christmas tree. You will need some nice twigs. Put them in the center of the table. You can add and garland, if it is possible technically. This decor creates an incredibly cozy and warm atmosphere. Guests will be delighted.

3. Asterisks

There are some characters that is the best fit in the Christmas theme. These include, for example, an asterisk. Use them to decorate dishes.

4. Christmas toys.

Float Christmas toys. By the way, they just may be the one bright spot in your serving. Particularly impressive look toy saturated beautiful colors if the rest of the inlay is made in white and very light colors.

5. Candles

Without candle is indispensable. If you are expecting guests for dinner, it will be especially important. They look very cool and seemed to transport you into a real fairy tale. You can buy some beautiful stands. So it will be even more beautiful.

6. Cones

Going for a walk in the woods, collect some beautiful large bumps. They will be useful to you to decorate the holiday table. Enhance the effect of elegance and festivity you can, using the bumps serving with tree branches. Lovely and fragrant!

7. Original wipes

You can give yourself the perfect serving and without any extra items. Arm materials at hand. From napkins can cut and make cool shapes. For example, a snowflake, or even an entire tree.

8. Gifts

If you want, you treat guests small gifts. They can be put directly on the plate. Tie a nice bow and add the berries and herbs. It looks very cool. This amazing serving will remain long in the memory of your friends, and your hospitality and care will win their hearts.

9. Thread pearls.

Use at serving a string of pearls. Your table will turn out elegant and solemn. Get the wonders of imagination and beautiful pearls lay between the plates and glasses, so he poured nice and please the eye.

10. biscuits

Serving can be delicious! How? Very simple. Bake the biscuits in the form of Christmas figurines. It can be an asterisk or snowflake. Using such cookies can be different. For example, do it in the hole and fasten using the sponge cloth.

11. Beautiful tableware

Sometimes minimalism better than any gadgets. If you are a proud owner of a beautiful dishes, which is suitable for a variety of occasions, including Christmas, you just use it at the table setting. Is it possible to find a reason better?

12. Flowers

Christmas - a bright holiday. If you're not a supporter of traditional ornaments and decor, then stop your choice on the colors. We get a very gentle, romantic and theme.

13. Bows

Bows are appropriate in every situation. Do not neglect it. Pick bows that fit in color to the rest of the decor items. It will be nice if you put the next few balls contrast, but a suitable color.

14. Snowflakes

Outside the winter. If the weather does not please you to the snow and drifts, that is no reason to despair. Make your own snowflake and decorate their holiday table.

15. Edible decor

The decor may be edible. When table setting safely use thinly sliced ??citrus fruits, berries, nuts, cinnamon sticks and other food products. Although the table decoration is not their intended purpose, they are coping with it magnificently.