Uncovered in the cold head or neck get any serious complications

Head and neck - the most vulnerable parts of the body and overcooling can provoke a lot of serious complications, but the hands are always the first to begin to peel off and become weather-beaten, if they are not protected. Because mandatory attributes walks in cold weather must have gloves (preferably mittens, a scarf and a cap or a tight hood.

Moreover, all accessories must be made of warm natural materials. Mittens must be of vlagoottalkivayuschey tissue, preferably insulated from the inside with fur.
According to doctors, bare head on a frost threatens not only banal SARS, but also much more serious and unexpected complications.

In particular, hypothermia crown is fraught with spasms of vessels of the head. this is especially dangerous for those who are prone to migraines . "as a result, there are bursting headaches, jumps blood pressure but under strong supercooling may develop inflammation of the frontal sinuses, and even meningitis." - warns doctor Viktoriya Savitskaya

and another important rule: leaving the house on a frosty street , remove from themselves all metal - gold and silver jewelry, rings, earrings, piercings especially on the face, if any.

"Metal has high thermal conductivity and thus cools the body much more quickly, so that may just stick to the skin and provoke frostbite skin area, which adjoins or irritation. Well, the ring, among the above, hinder the blood circulation, and thus the fingers because they freeze more quickly, "- says the doctor.