All truth about immunity, why not help Supplements

Globally, the immune response can be of two types - congenital and acquired. At the first sign of infection is triggered innate immunity. It responds quickly and works under the general scheme - clears the entry point of infection (hence cold), raises the temperature to burn off the infection (hence the fever and chills), and also reduces the likelihood of the emergence of new sources of infection (it makes you depressed and lethargic, so you I do not want to get out of a safe and comfortable home).

Acquired immunity is working precisely - by comparing it identifies the enemy and create a weapon in the form of antibodies for each specific infection. It usually takes 5-10 days, in which the growth of pathogens constrains innate immunity. The process can be accelerated by increasing adaptive immunity. This is called vaccination. Simplistically vaccine is a harmless version of the pathogen, which remembers your immune system, and the next time she will meet something similar, it will need less time to protect the body.

Following simple logic, all the supplements you are taking are not the vaccine, and then have to run to the work of the innate immune system, that is, runny nose, chills and apathy. Undoubtedly, vitamins (especially A, C and D) and minerals (zinc and magnesium) is usually contained in bioadditives play a vital role in the functioning of the immune system, but they are in large amounts contained in all fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat, so if you have a normal balanced diet, supplements, vitamins, and immunomodulators you simply do not need.

In addition to a healthy diet and light (but regular) physical activities that increase the activity of immune cells, important are the simple rules of personal hygiene - not to be in the same room with a sick person, and wash your hands, if there's someone sneezed.

But do not go to extremes and disinfect all around, making the fight against microbes into a phobia - after all, infections and allergens around us, and the normal maturation of the immune system, especially in childhood, can not be without them.

Scientists still have much to learn about our immunity. Information about how pathogens actually affect it, and how the immune system interacts with microbes that live in the body, just appeared in the last 10 years. Many people do not know that just half of the cells in our body is actually not a human, but is our microflora - is trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that line our skin, intestines, lungs. And so we feel good, with all of them we need to learn to be friends.

But the well-being of our bacteria is precisely the promising area of ??research that could run empty promises immunostimulatory additives manufacturers in one day. So healthy microbiota - is the shortest path to health and strong immunity, and, in fact, the study of opportunities in this area is the most promising at the moment.

So what really affects the immune system?


Indeed, the common cold have seasonal peaks of activity during the colder months, but in fact it is due to the fact that we spend more time indoors with other people. Walking in the fresh air, and in winter will be very useful for immunity.


Chronic stress - at work or family problems - causes elevated cortisol levels, which kills or neutralizes your immune cells. So, meditation, yoga, and other practices that reduce stress and protect the immune system.


Our immune system weakens with age - this is evidenced by the fact that in old age, we become more vulnerable to infections. The bodies of the immune system such as the thymus get tired and stop the production of new cells, while old die - and with them the "forgotten" information on how to fight the disease.


It is difficult to measure the dose, but that the improvement of blood circulation has a positive effect on the activity of the immune system, exactly. The heart beats more active, and thus have immune cells that patrol the body, more likely to be where you want them. Catching up on sports, you are actively protivodeystvuete future problem, but do not expect when it will overtake you.

As you can see, the main orezhie requesting winter colds is simple - a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress levels. Be yourself and leave Supplements somebody who still believes in them.