Top 13 scientific ways to quickly fall asleep

Statistics show that people today spend an average sleep an hour less than the generation of the forties. And this - the main cause of mental and physical health problems.

Dim the lights in the bedroom

Your brain can not fall asleep, if you torture him a bright light. Particular dissatisfaction with him induce fluorescent lights. He, poor fellow, thinks that a long, long day does not end, and spend more and more resources, not to sleep. But during the day, especially now, when the sun does not want the second to get up, and we spend the day in the evening, treat yourself to a solarium. It helps the brain to distinguish between day and night and to produce the necessary chemicals to sleep in the correct order.

Throw away your iPhone

Screens your gadgets - the real agents of insomnia. Flickering Pixels, bright lights at night, and the flow of information coming from them at any time of day, certainly deprive you of sleep, or at least make the process of falling asleep much longer.

Tie with coffee.

American Cup in the morning, of course, cheer you on for half an hour, but it's not worth it. Caffeine affects melatonin levels in the brain. And now, the habit of drinking coffee causes lack of sleep. Even if you do not drink coffee at night, it can become a problem, so the tie.

And also alcohol.

Of course, you are accustomed to thinking good alcohol soporific, but the truth is that what happens to you after a stormy evening in the bar, is not a dream. You just cut down, forgetting to cut down your brain. Alcohol prevents it to reboot and relax. Even if you do not abuse, according to statistics, you will still lose sleep teetotal in the speed and quality of sleep. And the risk of sleep apnea have more, and this is no joke.

Throw out of bed unpleasant people

Random communication and short-lived affair - it's good, but let them spend the night causes at home. Researchers believe: the one with whom you go to bed, a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. And this quality will be high unless you trust the partner with whom sleep.

Make a ritual of falling asleep

Repeated actions form the habit of falling asleep in the brain. It would therefore be effectively come up with some simple manipulations and to make them every time, when it's time to sleep. For example, we read seven pages of a book or drink milk. After some time, already own these actions will trigger the desire to sleep.

Keep your head cool and the feet warm

Cool and fresh air in the bedroom and a warm hot-water bottle at the feet create the right atmosphere for sleep. If your partner does not mind, you can still wear socks. Scientists say that by this way to speed up the process of falling asleep at times.

Do not sleep, to sleep

This conclusion can be explained in two ways. Firstly, do not shoot down the day of rest the night sleep. Secondly, if you have insomnia absolutely tortured, try not to be aware of the process of falling asleep. Tell yourself that you just lay down to a rest back, but did not want to sleep. Such cognitive dissonance can help with sleep.

Take a bath with foam

No, it does not mean that you are a girl. Bath with aromatic salts and soothing foam will help to relax, get rid of stress, which often is the cause of insomnia.

Think about the good

Forbid yourself going over in my head failed moments of the day, or monstrous errors of your life before going to bed. It is better to think about puppies or about something as cute. Turn on the sounds of the forest in the end.

Listen to music

But it is not hard rock. The researchers recommend the good old classics. Indeed, remember the last time you were in the conservatory. What then was executed? Do not you remember? Of course, because you have fallen asleep in his chair. So no need to be a rocket scientist to know about the effect of sleeping pills, which has classical music.

Try scented candles

Not too haunting scent of lavender helps harder to sleep. This is also proved by experiment. In addition, the morning after a night with lavender make you feel alert and fresh. As well as smelling flowers, but it's the little things if you did manage to sleep.

Understand yourself

All of these tips scientists as nothing before your personal preferences. Celebrate the situations in which you sleep better - on a train, in a tent in the open air or in the arms of someone else. And try to create such conditions in the moment when you can not sleep.