6 symptoms on your nails, which should not be afraid

Dermatologist debunks myths about the fragility of the nails, and tells what is meant spots and stripes on them.

"The nail shows a lot, you need only to be able to see" - says Dr. Phoebe Rich, director of the Oregon Clinic Research Center of Dermatology.

There are seven principal symptoms for which you should pay attention:

1. brown stripes along the nail

Pigmentation of nails may change under the influence of hormones or other drugs. But it is brown stripes along the nail mean in most cases the beginning of melanoma skin cancer.

Melanoma rarely begins with nails, just 1% of the Europeans, but it is almost always a sign on the nail indicates it is about her. Urgently to the doctor!

2. brittle nails

A common problem is usually associated with the violation of the diet, or work with aggressive substances without gloves. Aggressive to nail substance is even acetone, which you shoot the nail, if that.

In addition to problems with food, this feature can mean problems with the thyroid gland, or iron deficiency anemia.

People often think that if your nails are fragile, need to eat more calcium. This is nonsense, because the calcium in the growth of the nail takes no part. The nails are composed of keratin, a protein, and not the bone. And there you have protein foods.

And if the food you have everything in order, then contact your doctor to rule out these diseases.

3. The longitudinal edges on nails

Contrary to the popular horror stories about bowel disease - a variant of the norm. People with age nails become increasingly faceted.

4. Small white spots on nails

This is not a deficiency of vitamins and micro-traumas received during the formation of the nail under the cuticle. Just let the nail grow and nothing worry.

5. Yellow nail

May mean to the lungs and lymphatic system problems ( "yellow nail syndrome"). And can simply poor-quality varnish. Discard one month of any varnish and if the symptoms have not been - go to the doctor.

6. The transverse stripes on the thumb

Common symptoms of nervous disorders. People do not realize how forefinger nervously picking their cuticles at large. And it hurts the growing nail. The question is not nails, and your nerves.

7. inflammation, infected, cracked cuticles

A common problem of incorrect care of the cuticle. It does not need to cut, move and do it any other manipulation. It is enough to wipe with a towel after a shower to remove the moist tender skin. It is the most gentle, reliable and secure way to care for the cuticle.