Hand washing reduces the risk of contracting SARS

US researchers conducted a study on the relationship between hand washing and the risk of catching SARS usual. Regular hand washing - not less than five times a day - using soap, reduces this risk by 16%.

The experiment involved the elderly and people whose immune system has been reduced. It turned out that a large percentage of SARS infection occurs not only through airborne droplets, but also the contact. That is, if there's someone coughs - wash your hands.

Another effective method of prevention is to wear a mask. However, if you are already infected, you need to how to choose the right treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to medical consultations and prescription medicines can and should use warm drinks, for example, herbal teas, milk and honey, washed with brine nose, warm mustard plasters and so on.

At night, if you do not have a temperature, it is possible to smear the chest and back of the warming ointment, or badger fat, and put on warm socks.