Education at the University of obesity provokes

Researchers from the US have found that college or university contributes to the emergence of excess weight among students. It is known that on average, each university graduates gain weight by 4.5 kilograms. This is stated in an article published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

"The myth of the" seven kilograms freshman "has repeatedly refutes the other hand, our study shows that the risk of weight gain by students during the four or five years of study in high school." - Said Lizzie Pope (Lizzy Pope) of University of Vermont (USA).

Pope and her colleagues came to this conclusion by observing the health of more than a hundred students studying in the University of Vermont, starting from the first year and ending with a diploma. At the time of receipt, as noted by the researchers, 23% of participants in the experiment suffered from obesity, and their average weight was 66 kilograms whole.

During his studies at the college of their average weight increased to 71 kilograms, while the number of graduates who suffer from obesity has increased to 41%, which is almost twice as much. Approximately one third of this extra weight was acquired by the participants experiences in the first year, the remaining 66% were recruited in the next three or four years of study.

On the one hand, it dispels the myth that students get fat mainly in the first year, and on the other, suggests that this process is still going on. Such dynamics of obesity among students, according to Pope, says that doctors must follow the weight not only of freshmen, but also other university students.

Why is this happening? Scientists do not have a definite answer, but they note that only 15% of the students involved in charging for the time, which is recommended by WHO and health services of the United States. In addition, most of them eating junk food, and almost do not drink fruit and vegetables. Correcting these problems as the authors suggest, could help reduce the extent of the obesity epidemic.