Risk of obesity: lack of oxygen during sleep and divorce

Famous Polish cardiologist, head of internal medicine and cardiology clinic at the Medical University of Warsaw, Professor Arthur Mamtsezh told that this refrigerator genetics and why the full risk of divorce is greater than in lean.

"If a person has decided to lose weight and change many things in life, then he has to go to the internal agreement - for example, that sometimes he does not deal with children, not help the parents, and goes for a run or to the gym in the building habits of a healthy lifestyle. We need to consciously change behavior, not just the contents of the plate. "

"Doctors say:" If you do not know what to buy at the store to buy expensive ". Unfortunately, this advice is not for everyone. Buying the cheapest food is often associated with the idea of" Buy chto-nibud already though. "But if there is no money for expensive good products, it is best to focus on vegetables (the same potatoes), not cheap meat. "

"Sweet, fat and alcohol for us - it is an easy reward for something Who advertises basil, saying that he is a good and useful not seen such advertisements And all sorts of milk chocolate (where no milk - only one sugar).?. Are advertised everywhere. Because producers know what to push. "

"The worst enemy of health in terms of cardiology - animal fat After all, he is responsible for raising blood cholesterol levels.".

"Do not allow yourself to fill up alcohol in the half-full glass, because you can not see how much you drink Sometimes I say smoking patients:." If you can choose to smoke or drink a glass of wine, select wine. Because cigarettes - is evil every day should be given for at least half an hour of physical activity "

". There is a relatively new disease - obstructive sleep apnea (. When the air during sleep does not arrive in the lungs of people with folds of fat in the neck area, the risk of developing throat grows at times). During the airway is blocked during sleep in humans for a few seconds. There is a huge pressure surges. After a night a person gets tired, even more than before. People with this disease are bred in 7-8 times more frequently than others. Why? Because they are exhausted, depressed, uncomfortable, often sexual dysfunction. No wonder people do not want to have such partners ".

" Members of one family, even living apart, buy the same products. Is that one of them consciously change the diet, which was used since childhood. Therefore, in addition to conventional genetics, genetics is very important table, plates, refrigerator. If I am someone asks, what diet to put the baby, I reply that it is necessary to lose weight the whole family. After all, no one will be prepared separately husband, a miner and a separate child-schooler. Therefore, it is necessary to change the habits of the whole family at once. "