Seven fruits, which are much easier to clean than was

Although some of the fruit peel contains far more nutrients than their flesh, often we are still trying to get rid of it, and this process is long and quite painful.

Good with apples and pears: armed with a special knife, you can move mountains. But what if the process of cleaning and cutting fruit requires ingenuity and dexterity?


This hairy fruit - the champion on the content of vitamin C and a real gift for even the most lazy: it is not necessary either to clean or cut. My kiwi, cut in half, armed with a spoon and enjoy the delicious vitamins. Incidentally, the same method is suitable for the avocado.


Pineapple - is a disaster. Sometimes it just does not want to come - so long and painful need to get to its juicy pulp. The quickest way to deal with a pineapple: cut off his ponytail, put vertically on a cutting board and a sharp knife to peel. Then remove the "eyes" - they always surround the fruit of the spirals downward. The most difficult part is over.

The rest depends on how you wish to make a fruit: if you need the cubes for the salad would be enough, without turning the pineapple pulp to separate the useful from the core, and then cut the way you want. If the rings, then put the pineapple upright and cut, and then remove all the bubbles from the core.


The most "harmful" citrus from orange or grapefruit peel separates much faster and easier, but lemon, if you suddenly needed only the flesh, can deliver a lot of trouble. The most effective solution - a special knife for citrus. Make incisions along the fetus downward, not touching the flesh, and then separate the skin, podtseplen her with a knife and taking off like the petals - admire the lemon slices and use them the way you planned.


Incredibly, even such a simple to use piece of fruit, like a banana, can be cleaned more easily. We are used to separate the peel from the flesh since long, the upper end. Here's how to clean banana monkey: it is necessary to squeeze the tip of the fruit, as shown in the picture, while the peel will not burst, and then peel. By the way, with this method you do not need to be separated from the shoot banana thin fibers: they simply will not.


How much time was spent with us before the fact, to gently clean the pomegranate, not to splash juice all around and do not damage the seeds! We share with you the easiest way how to settle accounts with pomegranate literally a minute: cut off "pomegranate flower" and separate the apex. We look at the grenade in the context, we find the white film, separating the grain, shallow incision grenades from the top down on this white release film and crush the fruit to these cuts, but not until the end, but simply separating the segments of the fruit apart.

Overturn grenade, put it in a bowl and how to knock on his skin.

Orange or tangerine solid

Unhurried and delay the process of cleaning our favorite seasonal fruit has turned into a kind of ritual, but if you are bored with the traditional methods, or sticky yellow fingers as a result of the process of removing the fragrant orange peel, try this: Cut off both tops of the fruit, make an incision peel and open fruit on the notch . Get long slices of tangerine accordion, which is very comfortable to be there alone.


Unfortunately, it is necessary to accept the fact that at any way you smudge brush mango anything its sweet juice. But mangoes - a fruit is so delicious that such liberties he can be forgiven. There are plenty of tips on how well it is worth brushing mango. You can just roughly cut the rind from it, grabbing his precious, delicious flesh. If the fetus is not very ripe, it is reasonable to take it off the rind with a sharp knife or potato peeler, cut in half, separate the bone - all.

But the most popular way to clean the mango is: no squeezing the pulp, cut the fruit lengthwise, touching the bone knife. Spoon separate the mango from the stone, first one half, then - another. The flesh on both halves turn into a lattice, gently holding the knife up and down the line, and then wrenched the halves inside out. These squares can be removed with a knife, and you can tear off one piece after another.