Abdominal pain: 9 products to help

Any pain causes a person discomfort, unsettling. Annoying pain in the abdomen is able to overshadow even the rainbow day.

Although the causes of such pain can be mass - from indigestion to bowel problems, there will always be an effective natural remedies that can bring us back to life.

Ginger. If you overcome the problems with the stomach, try the ginger treatment. Its useful compounds act on all fronts at once: provide carminative effect, reduces bloating and flatulence, nausea easier, eliminate diarrhea and esophageal spasms. Choose for yourself any "ginger" medicine: add a piece to the tea or simply chew and rassosite slowly.

Cinnamon. Amazing spice, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger drink applesauce - it will only increase the useful effect and help reduce nausea and pain that occurs with swelling.

Organic apple cider vinegar contains enzymes, nutrients and bacteria, it is extremely useful for the organism. When indigestion and severe pain in the abdomen is recommended to take a glass of warm water to dilute it with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and lightly sweetened with honey.

Fennel. Essential oils contained in all parts of the plant, eliminate painful cramps, reduce bloating and even relieve nausea indigestion. That is why for the preparation of healing tea, soothing digestion, good and greens, and tubers, and even fennel seeds.

Papaya. Delicious tropical medicine coincides even with the bad indigestion. Enzymes papain and special substance contained in large amounts in the pulp and papaya seeds, reduce the acidity level and help break down proteins. Papaya is well established in the treatment of constipation.

Warming cup of herbal tea not only soothes his nerves, but also "upset" stomach. For example, chamomile, which has sedative and anti-inflammatory action, gently relaxes the upper gastrointestinal tract, decreasing spasms. A wonderful mint tea eliminates cramps and nausea.

Applesauce. Applesauce or baked apples - a great light snack and effective way to eliminate stomach upset and diarrhea. Due to the high content of fiber, apple dishes and working in the "opposite direction", relieve constipation.

Ageless recommendation Soviet doctors "eat for poisoning biscuits " Relevant to this day. In case of vomiting, diarrhea or stomach upset your menu - just a piece of dry crackers or biscuits, oatmeal on the water, herbal tea or rice water. Such food soothes the stomach, removes the harmful substances and helps absorb excess acids.

Peppermint. This refreshing herb - is another effective remedy for pain in the abdomen. Essential peppermint oil to soothe the digestive tract, helping to alleviate the painful symptoms all at once in the stomach. It eliminates a manifestation of flatulence and improves the flow of bile needed for digestion.