Scientists have found out, at what age comes a sense of satisfaction

The American team of researchers from Princeton University found that a sense of satisfaction with life comes after 54 years.

Led the study, Professor Angus Deton noted that the largest decline in life satisfaction on average for the period between the ages of 45-54 years. These figures include, in particular, and to the residents of wealthy countries - the US, Canada and European countries.

According to the professor, adults experiencing strong levels of stress and anxiety, however, reaching a more mature age, they no longer worry so. As said Angus Deton, this finding was predictable. At the age of 45 years, people have reached the highest realization in the profession, and as a consequence, their salary increases, explained the scientist. This period is the most favorable for earnings, said Deton.

Since 54 years, people are less worried since acquiring considerable experience. At the same time the level of life satisfaction also increases