Prepare magical mulled wine: 7 main

Christmas holidays can not do without this warming, aromatic, spicy drink. We have compiled for you a few simple but very important tips how to cook a stunning mulled wine.

Mulled wine - a perfect winter drink, the embodiment of the festive atmosphere and the warmth of home. That's why he only drinks hot (in German gl & uuml; hender wein is hot wine).

This drink is so ancient that today we meet it most different variations all over the world: in Bulgaria is "warming wine", in Macedonia and the Czech Republic - "brewed wine" in Moldova - Izvara, Switzerland, Austria and Germany - mulled wine. We cook mulled wine, which in its recipe like most in the German version of spiced hot wine.

It is easy to notice that the main ingredient of mulled wine is wine, and it was with that, how to choose it for the drink, and we'll start our list of helpful hints.

Choosing the right wine

Many experts believe mulled wine that will suit any perfect drink good red wine. But do not choose too rich, tannic or aged in oak barrels of wine - they will give your drink a sharp, bitter taste. Choose young, home or dining light wines.

Preference for preparation mulled wine should be given to a perfect red wine Cabernet or Merlot: white can produce sourness when heated, and in general, it is more capricious. If you absolutely do not tolerate dry wines, choose a semi-dry, but be careful not to pereslastite his drink.

Cooking spices

The first piece of advice: do not grind the spices in a powder that you add to the wine. This is a very common mistake, and leads it to the fact that you simply can not properly filter the finished drink, and he will turn cloudy, and when you drink it, you now and then will interfere with the different pieces of spices.

Second tip: heat the fruits and spices separately from wine: so you will be able to achieve a better balance of flavor in the finished mulled wine. The small amount of water bring to a boil a mixture of additives necessary to you, then give the broth brew for 5-10 minutes and then to pour in the wine.

Boil wine

The main thing - do not overheat. Brewed wine for mulled wine in an enamel pot with thin refractory walls. If you bring the wine to a boil, it will lose its flavor.

Warm wine over low heat until the surface will not smoke, after which it will need to add here your infusion of fruits and spices, warm a little more and then filtered.

Filter the drink

Do not forget that is absolutely necessary to drain your mulled wine: two reasons for this. First - aesthetic: as he gains more transparent color and look great in clear glasses. The second - a purely practical: if the beverage will remain some fruit or chunks of spices, they will give up to the last hot wine its flavor and, as a result, can make the beverage too bitter.

Beautiful supply

Before pouring mulled wine, let it rest 15 minutes - leave it to infuse under cover to the taste became more rich and saturated. According to the rules of mulled wine should be served in a tall glass of thick glass: so you, first of all, will be able to enjoy a drink with a saturated color, and secondly, only such glasses he would long to keep warm.

Perfectly suitable for hot wine and simple high cup with a handle. Garnish the drink with a slice of orange, cinnamon and a sprig of your good mood.

What to drink mulled wine

Mulled wine is good in itself and by tradition it usually drink without any food. But if the drink has a sweet enough, and you want to turn it into a full dessert, serve him unsweetened fruit, homemade cookies or apple pie.

Due to the unique properties of warming mulled wine, it is recommended to drink directly in the fresh air, and hence the snack should be appropriate: meat grilled beef or goose.

Choosing a favorite recipe

There are many delicious recipes for mulled wine, you just have to experiment and choose the most suitable. Try to start with a simple classic mulled wine, and when he wants more unusual combinations, cook cranberry, orange or even honey mulled wine.

If you want to surprise your guests, prepare this stunning mulled white wine with citrus liqueur. An interesting option would be mulled wine based on red port wine: he prepares quick and simple, and its luxurious taste will not leave anyone indifferent.