10 unexpected reasons that prevent sleep and sleep

It is possible that now you are dreaming of a strong 8-hour sleep. But let's face it: how often do you do it? Experts say that we are unknowingly violating your sleep. Next time before you go to bed, think of our list of things that did not contribute to sound sleep.


"The coolness in the bedroom promotes good sleep," - said Philip Alapat, associate professor of sleep medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. "Your body temperature drops and you start to fall asleep - and coolness in the room helps." Moreover, if too much heat in the bedroom, it can cause the volatile to disrupt sleep and deep sleep stages. The optimum temperature for sleep are considered to 15-19 degrees Celsius.

The bad pillow

Fans of sleep on his side need hard pillow, which will provide a comfortable position of your head, and those who sleep on their back or stomach, fit a thin, soft. So says Rebecca Robbins - PhD from New York University and co-author of the book! "Sleep for Success Everything you wanted to ask about sleep, but could not, because too tired." When I went for the new - do not forget about the "rule label": study the composition of the pillow. Horse hair, vegetable fillings, bamboo fiber, natural latex - for you.

Stale linens

If you do not wash bedding for more than two weeks or more, the per square inch will gather 11 million bacteria, including those that trigger pneumonia and food poisoning. To no catch, it is worth every week to wash bed linen, at a maximum temperature of water safe for the fabric, and can be dried at low temperature.

[/b] Gadgets.

Who among us has not at least once to check mail or not leafed through Facebook with your phone before going to bed? While experts advise not to do this - the blue light coming from all sorts of gadgets that affects the body's ability to produce melatonin (sleep hormone) - this habit is almost impossible to win. In order to reduce the harm, Apple came up with the night mode function that changes the screen to a warmer tone. In "night mode" can be switched by going to the settings screen and brightness, or set up an automatic connection. If you are using the Android system, try the Twilight app - it works in the same way.

Alarm on "five more minutes"

This habit you before a fall. Sleep during these "five minutes" may not be of high quality - as it is divided into parts. Moreover, in the end you do not sleep enough, and did not cheer up.

Drink before bedtime

Let a glass of white you sleep better, but it sure does not help you better wake up. This is because wine, beer and other beverages violate brain impulses and lead to uneven sleep. As a replacement you can drink a little wine at dinner, and do a few stretching exercises before going to bed.

Your favorite dog

Despite the fact that 40% of pet owners believe if with their cat or dog, they sleep better, one in five suffers at night on their own pet.

Lack socks.

No, we're not kidding. If you keep your feet warm, blood vessels will expand, as it will help to fall asleep faster. But choose light socks.

[b] Caffeine

You drink coffee after dinner? Rather, it continues to operate. Even more it is likely if you are taking birth control pills, says Marie Spano, sports nutritionist Atlanta Hawks team. "Birth control pills reduce the caffeine rate of cleavage also operate and antidepressants -. You can ask your doctor." But even if you do not take any drugs, latte, you drink in the afternoon, it will haunt you until late at night. To caffeine does not interfere with your sleep, it is better to drink at least 6 hours before you go to bed.

Mattress of 90

The average mattress shelf life of 10 years. If you have time to change his note on mattresses made of organic cotton and non-synthetic latex. Natural wool - a natural refractory material. When choosing a mattress, give preference to companies that have certificates of compliance with standards of organic textiles and latex - a guarantee that the mattress for at least 95% is made up of organic materials.