Scientists have explained the tendency of women to psychoses

Canadian researchers have confirmed the validity of the well-known psychological stereotype about women's tendency to hysteria: the weaker sex biologically predisposed to bouts of bad temper and inadequacy. The reason for this is hormones.

The study of the causes of mood swings in women involved scientists from the University of Montreal. The researchers concluded that women's mood greatly affects serotonin levels.

"When there is insufficient amount of this hormone becomes more impulsive woman, she can take inappropriate decisions, take it out on others, it becomes more prone to emotional breakdowns and depression", - stated the scientists.

Experts recalled that serotonin called "hormone of happiness", actively produced during intimacy. In addition, an increase in its levels in the body may contribute to some foods: chocolate, nuts, fruits and vegetables are brightly colored, oatmeal, eggs, poultry, etc.

Scientists stressed that such products need to be sure to eat during PMS, when women from the sharp changes in hormonal levels and increased irritability grows the risk of various emotional disorders.

As for men, they have, according to biologists, serotonin twice, so emotionally they are more stable in comparison with the girlfriends or wives.