Scientists have discovered why a blow to the groin causes severe pain in

American doctors reported that the blow to the groin in males causes severe pain for the reason that in the scrotum is a large number of nerves and blood vessels.

Men and women have long been arguing about which of them have a lower pain threshold. But the blow to the groin, no doubt, is for men much more difficult test than women. Sensations of men who received a similar injury, it is impossible to truly understand if you do not try them yourself. After this blow hurt not only the testicles, men also experience abdominal discomfort and nausea. But why this body just below the belly is so vulnerable?

As doctors have told the United States, initially in the womb testicles are formed in the abdomen near the stomach and kidneys boy. Nerves and blood vessels are connected to the field, they remain there even after testicular descent into the scrotum. That is why, when a man gets hit in the groin, pain immediately moves to the abdomen. It moves through the seed plexus, which is the main nerve of each testicle, and then goes into the spine.

After this blow an increase in heart rate and fever, trauma often also cause excessive sweating. A few minutes later received a blow swollen testicles, scrotal skin becomes red and painful to the touch.

Many men also experience severe nausea - it is caused by a disorder of the sympathetic nervous system. The pain threshold of each individual male determines how severe will be pain after the impact. Finally, these injuries can cause significant damage to the male reproductive system, and in some cases they even require removal of the testicle. That is why the strikes to the groin in situations that do not require self-defense, considered as sexual violence in many countries.