Milk diet: losing weight after the holidays

To much to lose weight in a week, it is not necessary to starve or to stock up on exotic products. Enough to make changes all in one meal and replace the usual snacks utility. We talk about an effective diet for dairy products.

The obvious fact is that most of us gain weight not because of the main meals, but because of the endless snacking. Sweets and pechenyushki who treacherously hauled into the office of your colleagues, sweet coffee, rusks If you replace all dairy products, diet can be much more useful, saturated important micro-and macro-elements, and even reduce the amount of calories. Especially for you we have compiled a version of healthy and tasty snacks in the working week with dairy products.

Milk and dairy products - is an indispensable source of calcium. In addition, dairy products are a source of probiotics, it is very useful in diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (according to statistics, it affects up to 560 million women around the world). It lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. But do not forget: any diets do not get involved too. After a week or two of such power is to switch to something else, to a balanced diet.

The essence of milk diet

Thus, the main principle is: one of the meals every day to replace the dish made from dairy products. All the usual snacks, too, is replaced by milk - 100 ml of yogurt or milk, 50 grams of yogurt or cottage cheese.



Fresh vegetable salad with yogurt. Combine with other yogurt is not only possible but necessary! If you take a ready-made salad mix (eg, iceberg lettuce, carrots and red cabbage) and fill a glass of white yogurt with no additives, delicious and easy salad you can do in two minutes anywhere, even on the bench in the yard office. Energy value of 100 g of the salad - less than 100 calories, if you take fat yogurt 3.2%. On the palate, it is possible to add a cheese, boiled egg or veal.


Dovga. This Azerbaijani soup is perfect for the hot weather, but you can prepare in the winter and spring. Dovgy eaten cold, which means that it is convenient to take with you to work or on the road in a bottle with wide neck. Ideally, it is necessary katyk, but you can replace this drink ayran. In 1 liter of buttermilk need to add 100 grams of pre-cooked rice, a tablespoon of flour, raw egg and bring to a boil. Then add in the soup has 300 grams herbs (cilantro, spinach, dill), boil for 5 minutes and cool. Calorie finished Dovgy - about 50 kcal per 100 g


Sweet yogurt. In the middle of the work week, you can afford a sweet snack - in any case, much more useful yogurt biscuits and chocolates, especially if their composition is palm oil. Choose yogurt with a reasonable fat content. Please, note that long-term storage of yogurt is not a sign of something bad - preservatives in them are not used, because they are not compatible and do not need near lactobacilli.


Dolma with yoghurt. By Dolma (or, in the Armenian reading, Tholme) in its classical Armenian version served yoghurt (matsun) with the addition of crushed garlic. Of course, this is not quite correct to call a dairy dish, but yogurt can be used as a sauce with various combinations of meat and vegetables - at least to the stuffed cabbage, even to the fried chicken breast. The combination of refreshing sour milk and meat sauce - base of many Caucasian and Asian cuisines. Many scientists, including the Mechnikov investigated yoghurt and come to conclusions about its health benefits and longevity. For a change in the product lacto-vegetarian diet, you can add a pinch of red pepper, herbs, or a spoonful of lemon juice. 100 g of yoghurt factory about 55 kcal.


Cheesecakes. Nalepa good old curd fritters, fry them and take with you to work - it is literally 20 minutes: add a pack of cottage cheese a little bit of flour, one raw egg and sugar and are forming patties. This is a great breakfast, and dessert for tea. Cheesecakes can be dietary, if we take 0% cottage cheese and cook them for a couple, or in the oven without oil. So they will be less than 200 kcal per 100 g Try also prepare savory cheesecakes: do not add sugar, but throw in the "dough" chopped chives or dill.