Scientists have told us what the athletes are prone to depression

German scientists from the Technical University of Munich found that representatives of individual sports are more prone to depression than their counterparts working in teams.

On the results of the study became known at the annual conference of the British division of sports psychology psychological community, according to the portal The Guardian.

The scientists studied 128 young German footballers and hockey players and 71 swimmers, badminton and skater. Evaluation of their condition on the depression scale showed that participants in the second group are much more likely to experience sadness and guilt, suicidal thoughts visited them. The same results scientists obtained, examined data on 162 adults of elite athletes. Triathletes, golfers and cyclists showed more severe symptoms of depression than players in volleyball, football and rugby.

Athletes lone blame themselves for failures more than the members of the teams, where the responsibility for victory lies equally on all. More prone to depression were young athletes. But depression is diagnosed, no one of them was not.