Doctors do not agree that fresh vegetables are more useful than cooked

There are a variety of vegetables, which by heat treatment more easily absorbed by the stomach and does not lose its beneficial properties.

There are a number of herbal products - for example, the same potatoes or zucchini - eaten raw, which is dangerous and is not accepted, they certainly are not related to the myth that vegetables and fruits are best eaten only raw. And what about the majority of other such statement firmly stuck in the society, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

"First of all, a lot depends on the type of product and the method of its preparation. I strongly recommend to abandon the frying - in extreme cases, gotorit grilled vegetables. And not in a pan with hot oil. And here, for example, during fire to simmer or bake in the oven for most vegetables only reveal their taste. Especially for people with a variety of diseases - liver, kidneys, digestive tract and other things - such food is much more preferable. Since, for example, at a peptic ulcer, gastritis, hyperacidity tomatoes fresh is not recommended, but the baked tomatoes as part of various dishes (after consultation with the doctor) it is possible to include in your diet. And, for example, beans, eggplants and other raw vegetables contain toxins and heat treatment only neutralize them and turns into delicious food, "- says the doctor.

Similar situation is with the fruit - that due to a number of indications may be contraindicated in raw, cooked - it is allowed. For example apples, which cause swelling and are not recommended in case of problems with the pancreas, in baked form not only retain the majority of vitamins and minerals, but also acquire the ailing value for those who do not have enough iron.

"As to vitamins and minerals, which are thought to disappear during cooking, in fact this is true only with respect to vitamin C. Other valuable substances substantially do not lose their properties due to high temperatures, provided that they boil ( for example, beets, potatoes, carrots), you'll be in the skin, "- said the doctor.

But in the fiber raw vegetable fruits though has sorptive properties, however, it irritates the intestine. Because raw vegetables and fruit should not eat on an empty stomach early in the morning. Better to bite them during the day between meals, preferably in an hour and a half after a meal, so as not to provoke fermentation and gas formation in the stomach.