Mandarins can harm

Tangerines - loved by many citrus, but the fruits are not so helpful. More precisely, according to experts on nutrition have told, they can be dangerous for some people food.

Who should not lean on mandarins? This question was answered by the scientists.

Thus, experts have put in this list the lady's finger. People who have found duodenal ulcer or gastric not eat tangerines as citrus fruits consist, inter alia, of the acids that affect the mucous membranes of digestive organs as irritants, even the slightest dose.

Also, doctors say that eating mandarin oranges may contribute to the discharge of kidney stones - so if the stones increased, feast on this fruit is not worth it.

If you have an allergy adverse reactions may occur even after a single slices of mandarin, experts have warned. Especially sensitive children. According to experts, should be introduced gradually, increasing the number of lobes every day on one of these fruits in the diet of children's nutrition.

Another recommendation of doctors: be sure to wash tangerines! "All the mandarins undergo compulsory treatment with special preparations, having the chemical composition. This is done to ensure that in the process of transportation of the fruit does not rot. But they are few washes, and even more so the unit with boiling water pour over the fruit, even though it allows you to remove toxic substances from the surface of tangerine peel. As a result, a person can be poisoned by chemicals and get to the hospital, "- he told them.