It named the main symptom of chronic stress

Neuroscientists from New York concluded that people who are constantly under stress, can not control their emotions. This condition, according to scientists, making ineffective treatment of emotional disorders.

A group of researchers from New York University under the direction of Elizabeth Phelps found that people under stress does not apply cognitive therapy in which to deal with the depressed state used the thought of something pleasant.

Neuroscientists have conducted a series of experiments involving 78 people who were trained psychologists therapeutic strategies that help reduce the fear. These participants were then tested using the electric current discharges, frightening pictures of snakes and spiders and tests with content of hand to warm and ice-cold water.

As a result, scientists have found: prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for emotions, is highly sensitive to stress, and it can interfere with treatment using cognitive strategies. If a person is constantly under stress, it loses the ability to control the senses because of the changes in this area of ??the brain activity and is unable to think of anything good in a difficult situation, they noted.

"Our data indicate that some of the methods used to treat panic disorder and other psychiatric disorders, have no effect in stressful situations", - doctors pronounced.