Experts told how to deal with hypothermia in winter

The main problem with which citizens face in the winter season - is hypothermia and frostbite. It is important to know how to recognize the symptoms of these injuries of the body, and to minimize their consequences. This was told by the instructor, teacher, certified by the European Resuscitation Council and Ukrainian scientific-practical center of emergency medical aid and medicine of catastrophes Ministry of Health of Ukraine Oleg Kartavy.

For a start it is very important to understand that the term "hypothermia" and "frostbite" are two different things. If "frostbite" more or opinion is clear, it can happen at sub-zero temperature, "hypothermia" comes as a result of loss of moisture the body even in the plus temperature. The most fertile temperature for supercooling is 0 +2 degrees Celsius. Supercooled our body gets full, and frostbite - is only part of our body.

"Frostbite most often exposed to the soft tissues: toes and hands, cheeks, ears and nose. Therefore, first of all, you need to think about the protection of these areas at the time when we go out on the street, it is recommended to wear scarves, hats, gloves and warm shoes. Frostbite is comparable to thermal damage in the form of a burn, so a person first feels pain and tingling of the skin, and there is numbness of fingers and toes. It is important to emphasize that in the cold pain can not be felt, its appearance is very often the case in the warm room, "- said the expert.

According to the burr, in the provision of first aid in case of frostbite can not rub the damaged areas of the skin coarse cloth, as this may cause damage to the skin and deeper injury. In order to warm the damaged parts of the body, you need to apply heat insulation bandage. You can also use this warm water, but it is important to note that the warm water - is water, the temperature of which corresponds to our body: 30 - 40 degrees, in any case can not be used for that hot water or hot water, as it can also damage the frostbitten fate and inflict even greater injury. Another important point to get rid of the clothes, when we frostbitten fingers or toes, we do not feel, and if you try to remove the sharp shoes or gloves, you can damage the limbs.

"It is very important when frostbite does not take a hot bath, as it can cause a sharp drop in pressure, shortness of brain circulation and loss of consciousness. Also, you can not rub the damaged areas of the skin with snow or alcohol solutions, because, this way, we are destroying the blood vessels that are located in our epidermis and create internal bruising, which are comparable with injuries of varying complexity, "- said Kartavy.

If we talk about the supercooling of the organism, the first symptoms will drowsiness, fatigue and tremors in the limbs. The first thing to do in this situation, it expedite your check, to keep warm, and to come anytime soon warm place for at least 5-10 minutes, which would warm up and take a breath. Houses need to drink warm and not very strong tea, so as not to hurt the pressure, and take a warm bath.

"Absolutely can not be warmed by alcohol, and in any case can not take a hot bath, drinking hot tea, as this could further harm the body weakened by hypothermia," - said the expert.

In general, experts believe that each of us, knowing the symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite, as well as the mechanism of action for the improvement of their condition, can save yourself and your family from severe traumatic effects, and even death.