Strengthens the body after holiday feasts

Today we want to bring to your attention the fragments of interviews with the director of the center for the study of immune problems, Adam Wojciech from Gdansk, which he gave to Polish television.

Mr. Wojciech, from which today suffers from the immune system in the first place?

- One factor we can not confine ourselves here. However, the statistics maintained by our institute, shows that one of the main reasons for the weakness of immunity is a glut of parasitic organism. These harmful microorganisms live in the human years, multiply and gradually worsen vital functions of the body.

How to deal with pests?

- It is possible to radically affect the parasites by taking strong chemical medicine. However, together with the enemies, you destroy the body's immune system and cause damage to internal organs. And the parasites will reappear after you eat badly washed fruit or not washing your hands before eating. The source of the infection can be visited in the palms of bank notes, shaking hands with other people and handrails of public transport.

No other possibilities?

- Opportunities exist, because medicine has advanced a long way already in this century. It should be applied to control pests and increase immunity a special tool. It is desirable that it has been designed on the basis of natural components. I recommend the clinics with which we have a partnership, advised remedy Intoxic parasites powerful influence which not only cleanse the body, but also significantly strengthen the immune system. It is important that the composition of Intoxic includes rare plants that grow in tight spaces: Sumac fruit juice helps to remove parasites; Ferrule Junggar eliminate the disease-causing viruses, fungi and bacteria; Bear bile displays the body of parasite eggs and a set of more than 20 kinds of herbs to restore the protection of internal organs and strengthen immunity.

Why do you advise Intoxic?

- This tool is guaranteed to rid the body of parasites for one month and will not damage the internal organs, such as chemical pills. In addition, natural ingredients Intoxic strengthen the immune system and contribute to the proper functioning of the internal organs, especially the liver and stomach. It is particularly important that the means it has helped many thousands of people, as evidenced by the low threshold incidence of viral infections in Poland.

Matheran prepared Alexei Stepanov