10 effective ways to get rid of a hangover

Hangover - one of the most ancient and widespread human suffering, research scientists, almost every adult in one way or another suffered from this "disease." While scientific explanations of the condition vary, the symptoms are always the same: a terrible headache, nausea and irritability. And, although there are a lot of medications created to relieve hangover symptoms, most people still prefer to use the old-traditional treatments hangover. And 10 popular methods used by different countries.

English breakfast. Full English breakfast includes bacon and eggs, fried sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, fresh fruit juice and toast with butter. Why it works: In these products contain large amounts of protein and fat, in addition, the amino acids contained in the eggs, help remove toxins.

American cocktail "prairie oyster." The mixture of tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce and a raw egg, seasoned with salt and pepper. Why it works: In addition to amino acids, accelerate metabolism, spices in the sauce rather quickly lead body in a cheerful state.

Leche de Tigre "Milk tiger." A favorite remedy for a hangover in Peru, lime juice mixed with fish marinade. Why it works: The marinade and lime juice have an invigorating effect and restore the electrolyte balance.

Kaya toast. Singaporean cuisine dish, consists of two fried toast the bread on both sides, between which is placed a layer of sweet jam egg and coconut, as well as a piece of butter. Usually served with a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee. Why it works: Sweet jam eggs speeds up metabolism and removes hypoglycemia.

Haejangguk. The name of this Korean dish translates as "soup from a hangover." It includes pork, eggs, beans, radishes and Bull's Blood. Why it works: in the dish contains a lot of protein and amino acids, which accelerates the exchange of substances

Rollmops. Traditional German remedy for a hangover - herring rolls stuffed with pickles and onions. Why it works: Brine vegetables replenishes the body with electrolytes.

Banja. A traditional Russian sauna has long been known as an effective remedy for a hangover. Why it works: The high temperature in the bath, which gives the furnace for a bath activates blood circulation and metabolism. Also profuse sweating helps to eliminate harmful waste from the body.

Umeboshi. Seasoning Japanese cuisine, it is a salt-pickled Japanese apricot fruit. Why it works: The Japanese argue that umeboshi improves digestion and stimulates liver function.

Cocktail "Ozhivitel dead." The structure consists of a cocktail of gin, orange liqueur, wine, lemon juice and egg white. Why it works: A small dose of alcohol in combination with lemon and egg is able to quickly remove the painful syndromes.

Ciorba de Borte. National Romanian dish hangover includes boiled cow stomach with egg, sour cream and pepper. Why it works: The high protein content, plus seasonings and amino acids contained in the egg. All this helps the body to "wake up" and restores its natural balance.