The cold alcohol accelerates hypothermia

To go out into the frosty air, drinking "50 Grams" for warming or else complete the walk in the cold glass - is extremely dangerous to health.

Alcohol weakens the body's defenses, and "for the prevention of glass" only help the virus enter the body faster.

"Folk remedy" - a glass of brandy or other strong alcohol after returning home with the frosty streets, not only will not benefit, but also seriously disrupt the body's temperature regulation, "- says the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

According to doctors, alcohol creates the illusion of heat for a short time and that it is also dangerous, because under its influence you just do not feel the time, it's time to tighten the scarf or wear gloves, or go to warm up the room. A hypothermia - is the main cause of seasonal ailments.

Moreover, if during a trip in transport or shopping at the supermarket, you have time to "encounter" with the virus or pathogenic bacteria, alcohol only increase the risk that they penetrate into the body and provoke disease.

"Alcohol significantly weakens the body's defenses, because this tool is not suitable either for prevention or for warming the body. Thus, if you drink a couple of glasses of vodka or a few glasses of wine, and then go to the frosty streets and sit in traffic, chances of getting increased to several times: first, the body will deal with intoxication, not a virus, water Secondly, a weakened immune system is easy to miss the disease-causing bacteria, "- says the doctor.

According to the doctor, the most dangerous is the first hour after consuming alcoholic beverages. At the same time it does not matter what dose of alcohol you drink, because, according to experts, the immune system weakens, even 50 grams of cognac.