It named the best position for successful conception

Scientists have figured out what sex position is best contribute to conceive a child, one such item is the situation when the man is on top.

Each pair has chosen it for their positions in lovemaking, but for the child's conception advise you to listen to the opinion of experts. According to British researcher Marilyn Glenville, the last 20 years, the problems associated with sterility, grew into a large scale - according to statistics it is exposed to every fourth pair.

Doctors suggest a number of methods, which to a large extent can increase the chances of successful conception. The list includes diet, abstinence from alcohol, limit consumption of coffee and other things.

However, one important factor is the position in sex, as is important, as the sperm enters into the uterus and then passes into the fallopian tubes.

Additional chances to appear long-awaited pregnancy after sex in the classic pose, when the man is on top. This position, according to British scientists, provides the deepest penetration. Thus, the male sperm during ejaculation comes closest to the cervix, which increases the chances for fertilization of sperm.