9 myths about hangovers, in which you still believe

There are many myths associated with a hangover, and many of them are not true.

Today we tell about the most common misconceptions.

Myth ?1: Hangover - this is normal, there is nothing dangerous

But as you know, a hangover - a protective reaction of the body, caused by alcohol poisoning. Moreover, excessive alcohol intake for the human body a heavy blow to the nervous and immune system.

Myth ?2: both men and women the same hangover

This is not so, because the woman's body in comparison with the male has an increased susceptibility to the negative effects of alcohol. The fact that the male body contains much more water, which significantly reduces the concentration of alcohol highest dose. For this reason, the concentration of alcohol in women is much higher than males.

Myth ?3: The Hangover - the lot of alcoholics

Generally, it is not so, do not become drunk to know all the joys of a hangover. Much of this depends on the susceptibility of the organism, as well as build. For example, malopyuschy or no drinking man, even a small dose of alcohol may well cause a hangover.

Myth ?4: Reception moderate doses of wine will not be able to cause a hangover

The wine contains tannins, this substance causes a severe headache.

Myth ?5: Degrees should be increased, but not lower

It does not matter in what order to consume alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, it has a value of how much was consumed.

Myth ?6: To feel better in the morning, enough to take before going to bed analgesic

analgesic action time is four hours, no more and therefore, no effect will not morning. So we'll have the morning to take the pills again.

?7 Myth: Alcohol acts as a sedative

In fact, alcohol leads to sleep disturbances. It can lead to sleep, but sleep quality is one hundred percent will be ruined.

Myth ?8: with a hangover can be combated if the morning drink

Drunk in the morning hangover alcohol will not solve the problem, but only time will delay it as hangover symptoms are felt when the blood alcohol level drops to zero mark.

Myth ?9: Coffee - an excellent tool in the fight against a hangover syndrome, as well as well-toned

Caffeine can lead to dehydration and worsen a condition caused by a hangover.