Optimistic live longer

A new study provides evidence to suggest that women with a positive outlook on life have a lower risk of dying prematurely than a pessimist.

For example, scientists believe that the optimism may reduce the likelihood of premature death in women due to a variety of diseases. The study is published in the ?American Journal of Epidemiology? magazine.

It is worth noting that the optimism is defined as a mental attitude, positive thinking, when one hopes for the best in every situation.

Several studies have shown that optimistic people tend to have better mental and physical health than those who are pessimistic - that is, those who have a negative outlook on life, always expecting the worst. For example, a study conducted at the University of Illinois (University of Illinois), United States, last year, found that optimists had a 2-fold higher probability of preserving heart health as compared to pessimists.

In the new study, the researchers decided to find out how a positive outlook on life can affect the risk of premature death from various illnesses. The study was attended by about 70 thousand. Women. Health participants examined every 2 years. The researchers also evaluated the level of self-esteem participants optimism, as well as other factors that could affect the risk of premature death, including increased blood pressure, diet and level of physical activity.

The results showed that compared with the least optimistic women the likelihood of premature death from all causes among those who had a high level of optimism, was 30% lower. In the analysis of this risk due to specific diseases, scientists found that optimists likelihood of premature death from cancer pathology was lower by 16%, from cardiovascular diseases - 38% of stroke - by 39% compared to the more pessimistic participants. Furthermore, the most optimistic women had a 38% lower chance of dying from respiratory diseases, and 52% - infectious than those who were less optimistic.

The researchers note that previous studies have linked optimism with a reduction in risk of death from cardiovascular disease, but they failed to connect with the optimism of the decline in mortality from other diseases. New research also suggests that optimistic, can probably help reduce the likelihood of premature death from various illnesses, but more research is needed in this area.

When taking into account respect for a healthy lifestyle participating research scientists have found that they can only partly explain the link between optimism and reduced likelihood of death from many causes. With this in mind, the researchers do not rule out that the optimism may have a direct impact on the functioning of biological systems of the body.